Stills for Park Hae-jin’s third character in ‘Four Men’ released

Four Men, a completely pre-produced drama that will air in the second half of 2018, continues its release of teaser stills for the titular characters of the story. This time stills for the third character played by actor Park Hae-jin (Man to Man) was revealed.

Park Hae-jin as Dong Jin in Four Men

The third character is a genius and evil doctor named Dong Jin, who distrusts the world and uses anyone around him to achieve his goals. He is the smartest among the ‘four men,’ which include a hardworking student and a professional killer. The story of the drama will revolve around a man who meets three men who look exactly like him as he investigates his mother’s death. Park Hae-jin plays all the ‘four men’ in the series, opposite singer-actress Nana (The Good Wife).


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