It’s finally here! The long-awaited return of Lee Jong-suk and Bae Suzy to the small screen’s gonna happen tonight with the premiere of their new drama While You Were SleepingNot only does this show has a likable pairing that exudes a promising chemistry, but it also boasts of a writer and director who penned I Hear Your Voice and directed My Love From The Star. Add to that the fact that it is a completely pre-produced drama (assuming that drama quality is enhanced because of this production format) with an interesting storyline, and you’ll start thinking that it’s going to be perfect or become the DOTS of 2017.

While You Were Sleeping Poster 1

While You Were Sleeping‘s premise is this: a woman (Suzy) with the supernatural ability to foresee tragic events through her dreams meets a prosecutor (Lee Jong-suk) who helps her prevent her premonitions from becoming real and in the process of their unusual alliance, they fall in love with each other. This sounds a simple fantasy rom-com but actually, there’s more to this than expected given that writer Park Hye-run’s in charge of the screenplay. She’s the one who wrote Pinocchio and I Can Hear Your Voice, which to me both excel in being a heartwarming and non-average drama. Meanwhile, PD Oh Choong-hwan helmed the production, so maybe the directing of this new show is just as slick as that of the megahit My Love From The Star. Given this writer-director pair, we expect legal and thriller scenes to interweave with funny and romantic moments, and if the balance’s not gonna mess up til finale, I think we’ll end up as satisfied viewers wanting for more.

I’m truly keeping my fingers crossed for While You Were Sleeping to be good. It’s SBS’s third pre-produced drama this year and the network’s expecting it to put an end to the sluggish performance of its predecessors. Remember Saimdang, Light’s Diary? It’s a highly anticipated show headlined by Jewel In The Palace superstar Lee Young-ae, but nah, it didn’t live up to the expectations (well, the average rating isn’t bad but the numbers went down with time). The same goes for My Sassy Girl, the drama remake of the hit film of the same name, which barely hit double-digit audience share. With all these in mind, we just hope that While You Were Sleeping‘s gonna veer off the path taken by Saimdang and Sassy so that the wonderful collaboration among the stars and behind-the-scenes personalities does not go to waste.

While You Were Sleeping Main Cast
Main cast of While You Were Sleeping from left: Lee Jong-suk, Bae Suzy, and Lee Sang-yeob

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