Starting Today: The Package and Go Back Couple

We’re nearing the end of this week’s new drama bonanza, with JTBC’s pre-produced travel drama and KBS’s time-slip series scheduled to start today. In case you weren’t informed, nine premieres are to be expected for the entire month of October (highest ever since January) and as of this writing five have already gone on-air.

The Package

The Package Poster 8

Age of Youth 2‘s successor is good to go! Can it maintain the status quo? If you were regularly keeping track of TV ratings, you would know how relatively successful JTBC’s dramas are this year. Age of Youth 2 surpassed the success of the first season, Woman of Dignity’s finale became the highest-rated cable series episode in 2017, Man to Man maintained decent ratings, and who could forget the certified hit and record-breaker Strong Woman Do Bong Soon? Expectations are high for The Package to continue the success of its predecessors and thankfully the drama has something to boast and can confidently say that it won’t disappoint.

The Package is a 12-episode completely pre-produced drama (filming was completed last year) filmed in locations in France including the picturesque and historic towns of Saint-Malo and Honfleur. That alone can be a motivation for you to watch, assuming that you somehow believe in the pre-production style’s power to enhance drama quality and you’re a sucker for dramas shot overseas. It’s a romance-travel drama about a group of tourists who visited the foreign country for different reasons, with the story of a broken-hearted traveler and the tour guide taking center stage. CNBLUE’s Jung Yong-hwa (The Three Musketeers) is playing the main guy who has found solace and new romance after meeting the group’s leader, played by Lee Yeon-hee (Reunited Worlds). 

Go Back Couple

Go Back Couple Poster 1

KBS has a time travel drama yet again. Go Back Couple is the third this year, following Manhole and The Best Hit which ended to terrible and mediocre numbers (ratings), respectively. So, can we expect this new drama to perform well considering the fact that viewers might have already gotten tired of time-slip series (there are others from rival networks as well)? Who knows, Go Back Couple may end up a very successful show that will create a Hallyu sensation in the world. It brings us back to the year 1999 after an unhappily married couple finds themselves traveling through time from the present, just after they processed their divorce papers and made sure that their feelings for each other have really disappeared. Son Ho-joon (Blow Breeze) plays the salesman breadwinner who earns a meager salary, so little (and disappointing) that his wife, played by Jang Na-ra (One More Happy Ending), is confident that she can earn more by selling gums on the street. Of course that’s just a hyperbole but the point is, after several years of their sacred marriage, their relationship has gone sour due to financial problems and other things. As a result, they decide to terminate everything between them by divorce. But that’s not the end actually because when they go back to their college days, they will begin an awkward relationship that will lead to a brand new love story.

Will they be able to get back and forth between the present and the 1990s? I’m not sure but I think Go Back Couple‘s focus will be on how the main couple will heal the wounds of their broken relationship with the guide of what they know about the future, so most likely we are up to witness more 1990s stuff that’s gonna make us feel nostalgic.


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