Starting Today: Temperature of Love

Familiar with Lingerie Girls’ Generation? It’s a youth drama based on a novel of the same name. The series, which premiered just last week, will be competing starting today with a new drama that is also based on a book.

We have another live-action adaptation of a novel in Temperature of Love, which is based on a work written by screenwriter Ha Myung-hee herself and titled Nice Soup Does Not Answer The Phone. Writer Ha penned Doctors and High Society in the last two years, so if you’re a fan of her style in either drama, you might consider checking out her new project and see if it will turn out to your liking. It probably will, given that award-winning Seo Hyun-jin and rising actor Yang Se-jong are playing the main couple.

The two stars have worked together previously in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim, albeit Yang Se-jong being the second lead who didn’t get her at the end. But he’s back in this brand new fall romance drama as the main guy who will truly end up romancing the leading lady, so if you’ve been shipping them in their past show, surely you wouldn’t want to miss this out. This time, their story’s premise relies heavily on this optimal “temperature of love” that two people in a budding relationship must come to have at the same time for things to end the way they want. Simply put, this equilibrium in “temperature of love” fosters a much effective romance that’s gonna keep the relationship (or feelings) working perfectly 24/7. The main two characters are said to have this particular perspective on love and dating, so we expect the series to show how will the two end up liking each other and coming to the same “temperature of love.”

A slew of romance dramas are on their way this fall, and Temperature of Love is just one among those that will premiere in September. I am looking forward to seeing how this show will be received by the local audience given that the recent romance-themed dramas on Mondays and Tuesdays such as School 2017 and The King Loves suffered from single-digit viewership. These shows were badly beaten by Temperature of Love‘s predecessor, Falsify, which centers on righteous journalists and prosecutors bringing down those in power who manipulate the truth.

Temperature of Love Main Cast
Temperature of Love‘s main cast from left: Seo Hyun-jin, Yang Se-jong, Kim Jae-wook, and Jo Bo-ah.


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