Starting Today: Mystery Queen 2

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the first season of Mystery Queen

The start of 2018 is a bit lackluster. While there were some good dramas, they were balanced out by bad the ones. I am hoping that we would be showered with more high-quality shows as the first quarter of 2018 draws close. A legit sequel with the same story and cast would be nice.

Finally, a second season to a drama that deserves to have one! Mystery Queen aired last year from April to May, with an average and peak TV viewership rating of 9.4 % and 11.6 %, respectively (numbers that are considered high enough these days). The producers of the show planned its finale with a second season in mind, so with decent viewership and demand from the fans, the sequel eventually got greenlighted. KBS2 confirmed a second season in July last year and announced two months later that the two main cast will reprise their roles to continue the drama where it left off (a format common among many American TV shows, but so rare in Kdramaland). So, thanks to everyone who made this possible.

Mystery Queen centers around Yoo Seol-ok (played by Choi Kang-hee), an ahjumma who aspires to be a detective and loves any crime solving matters—be it in television shows, novels, or real criminal cases. With her daily life as a busy housewife, she still couldn’t hide her passion and often goes out behind her mother-in-law’s back to tip local police with ideas helpful to the investigation. She then crosses her path with Ha Wan-seung (Kwon Sang-woo), a passionate detective who is looking for her past lover. Together the two make a good and adorable team in solving criminal cases. Mystery Queen 2 continues the original story with the heroine having made her dream come true by joining the police force.

Mystery Queen Poster 1

I am really glad that the sequel comes out this fast while I haven’t forgotten about the original plot. Now we might finally get some answers to the mystery that we thought would be solved in the first season. With the appearance of the hero’s supposed-to-be-dead girlfriend at the finale of the first season, I am dying to know what has happened to her and why some people wanted to get rid of her even with the means of killing the heroine’s parents. Moreover, I am excited that our heroine finally passes the bar and becomes a detective for real in the second season. Can’t wait to see her bicker again with his partner while trying to solve criminal cases and find out more about their mysterious past. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the sequel to be as good as the original! We all do!

Kane Lele

Deep buried my burning passion for Kdramas, though I let it out from time to time to write articles. I am always looking out for new show, hoping it could ignite that back.