Starting Today: Mad Dog and Avengers Social Club

Two more premieres for this week, which make the number of dramas that premiered so far in October to five (out of the total 9). The two shows come from different broadcasters with different genre and pretty unique cast, but they have one thing in common—they involve a team that fights the bad guys. KBS2’s Mad Dog‘s gonna hunt down scammers while tvN’s Avengers Social Club‘s going after people who’ve hurt three ahjummas.

Mad Dog

Mad Dog Poster 1

All of the weekday primetime blocks of KBS2 will welcome three new dramas this week and the one assigned to the Wednesday-Thursday slot is a crime thriller called Mad Dog. The title refers to the name of a private insurance fraud investigation team that hunts down scammers operating large-scale frauds. Quite a terrific and unique title, isn’t it? The name actually reflects how badass the team is, whose expertise and persistence in tracking down the bad guys are top-notch. It’s inevitable given the credentials of the team members—a former insurance fraud detective with nearly 100 % success rate, a con-artist himself who shares his talent and intellect to catch other con-artists, and a former gymnast who investigates like a pro. These characters are played by Yoo Ji-tae (The Good Wife), Woo Do-hwan (Save Me), and Ryu Hwa-young (Age of Youth 2).

Reasons to watch? Crime thrillers are common in Kdramaland but the “crime” in Mad Dog isn’t the typical murder we often see in other dramas. This show will deal with insurance fraud crimes and depict some actual realities surrounding insurance companies in South Korea. It has to be interesting.

Avengers Social Club

Avengers Social Club Poster 1

Cable network tvN is also filling up its primetime slots with brand new dramas. Avengers Social Club got the Wednesdays and Thursdays. It’s a revenge series about three ahjummas from different walks of life who team up to carry out their revenge against people who betrayed and hurt them. Pretty simple premise but I don’t know if the whole show’s going to be dramatic or will get us to laugh sometimes because I read somewhere that it’s also a black comedy. Either way, this must deliver a solid drama that will maintain tvN’s reputation. After all, the cast looks promising. Lee Yo-won (Night Light) is playing a wealthy woman determined to get back at her husband who cheated on her, and she’s joined by Ra Mi-ran (Laurel Tree Tailors) and Myung Se-bin (First Love Again) as a fish store owner and an abused housewife, respectively.

Avengers Social Club is a drama adaptation of the webcomic “Buam-dong Boksooja Soshyeolkeurub” by someone named Sajatokki. The best motivation for you to watch this series is you like shows with women as the badass characters who save the day.


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