Starting Today: Lingerie Girls’ Generation

Man, I’m so excited to check Lingerie Girls’ Generation, mainly because it reminds me of my favorite Reply 1988 or the complete Reply series for that matter. Simply put, it’s a coming-of-age drama set in 1979 about ordinary high school girls in the countryside spending the fleeting but most memorable part of life — their youth.

Lingerie Girls' Generation Main Cast
The main cast of the drama from left to right: Cosmic Girls’ Bona, Chae Seo-jin, Seo Young-joo, CNBLUE’s Lee Jong-hyun, Yeo Hoe-hyun, and Min Do-hee

If you ask me about the ‘lingerie’ in the title, I can’t give you a sure answer but rest assured that this drama has nothing to do with the girl group Girls Generation (I read some comments on Youtube expecting somehow that it’s related to the group). The heroine of the drama, however, is a member of another girl group called Cosmic Girls. Leading the cast for its very first lead role in a television drama is Bona, whom you have probably seen in The Best Hit as a persistent idol trainee looking forward to her debut. Now, she’s playing a cheerful and unruly high school teen who wants to be pretty, smart and popular among the boys.

Lingerie Girls Generation Poster 1

The premiere week will most likely introduce rookie actress Chae Seo-jin‘s character to the heroine’s life. She’s a gorgeous and smart transferee from Seoul who has stirred jealousy among the girls for being the ‘perfect’ woman adored by the men in school. The drama’s story will follow the initial rivalry and growing bond between her and Bona’s character. 

The ultimate motivation to watch this drama is the use of 1970’s Daegu City as its backdrop that would surely bring back memories and present a nostalgic narrative anyone can relate to. I’m not expecting it to be like Reply 1997 or Reply 1988 in its approach to directing and writing but I do hope it will stand on its own as a drama with a good production value and unique way of making us fall in love with the lovable characters. It’s an adaptation of a novel with the same title by the way, and the writer-pair duo from Perfect Wife has been busy these past weeks to make the live-action version a success. I haven’t watched any of their past projects before so I can’t make an early judgment but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this 8-episode throwback youth drama’s not gonna disappoint.

Lingerie Girls Generation Novel
Lingerie Girls’ Generation is an adaptation of a 2009 coming-of-age novel of the same name written by Kim Yong-hee.


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