Starting Today: Life on Mars

A UK-based Korean drama called Mistress (adapted from UK’s Mistresses) has recently ended. Now we have the Korean version of Life on Mars from the British and American series here for the summer! Releasing many unique crime/police dramas like Tunnel and Voice, OCN is giving us Life on Mars, a police procedural drama involving time travel similar to Tunnel but instead of the main character traveling to the future, the character will be zooming back in time. Prominent detective, Han Tae-joo (played by Jung Kyung-ho), leads a crime investigation team solving many cases at a young age. While investigating a serial murder case, he encounters an accident, resulting in him waking up to see that it is the winter of 1988 and he is a detective working at a police station in a small city. To get back to the present-day, he must solve a serial murder case.

Director Lee Jung-Hyo is in charge of this drama which I am excited to see after watching Criminal Minds. Hopefully, the crime scenes will be bloody and realistic as expected from OCN dramas with scary serial killers, but the trailer suggests that it is mixed with humor, which is a good thing. I’m talking about the trailer of Han Tae-joo and his crime investigation team on a carousel. They catch a funny-looking criminal wearing a ski mask which is not what you’d imagine of a spooky murderer. In addition, knowing that the world becomes upside down for Han Tae-joo, it will be hilarious watching him adapt to the old world.

If you have been familiar with the British and American series of Life on Mars, you’d know the series isn’t politically correct. The main character of this show is the antidote to the “blame culture” where people are afraid of saying what could be labeled as “misogynistic, racist or homophobic”(meaning the character could verbalize without feeling the consequence of the labels). Furthermore, the Korean version sets back in the 1980s instead of the 1970s (British and American). It will be interesting to see how this version alludes to Korea’s historical side. Overall, I wonder if the Korean version would keep the humor with the Korean rendition and am pumped to see how this version will play out, living up to the expectations of the other famous versions.