Starting Today: Children of A Lesser God

Yay! OCN is back again with another thriller crime investigation drama. What I like about this cable channel is that they always deliver distinctive dramas with darker style to it. Remember Bad Guys, Voice, and Tunnel? Yeah, I am hoping this show too will be as awesome and bring light to our 2018.

Just a few days ago Mystery Queen 2 started, and now we have another crime solving duo BUT with a more serious tone and supernatural element. Our hero, Cheon Jae-in (played by Kang Ji-hwan) is a sharp-witted detective who is said to have an IQ of 167 (Wow that’s almost as high as Bill Gates’). Due to that, he only believes in facts, figures, and numbers, which make him an extremely logical person. On the side note, it’s a bit funny because his name is like a pun meaning genius person in Korean (“cheonjae” is genius, “in” means person in hanja). Considering this show is a webtoon remake, I guess the original writer did it on purpose for comical effect (?) haha. Meanwhile, the heroine Kim Dan (Kim Ok-bin), is also a police but she is gifted or shall I say curse with the ability to experience and feel the victim’s moment of death. This makes them both an interesting combo as one only relies on the facts, while the other relies on her supernatural ability.

Children of a Lesser God Poster 1

Director Kang Shin-hyo (Midas, Tazza) is in charge of this show, so I can expect to see some great actions and suspense scenes. Though with OCN, I think we would be shown with more bloody crime scenes and I am hoping this time round it won’t get censored out again (which I doubt they won’t, unfortunately). All in all, I am ready to see Kim Ok-bin slaying through our screen because she was absolutely brilliant as a trained killer in the film, The Villainess (go see it if you haven’t!). How about you? Are you as excited to see OCN’s new drama?

Kane Lele

Deep buried my burning passion for Kdramas, though I let it out from time to time to write articles. I am always looking out for new show, hoping it could ignite that back.