Starting Today: Black and Revolutionary Love

We’re down to the last two new dramas this month. To recap, Witch’s Court, 20th Century Boy and Girl, and Because This Is My First Life premiered last Monday, Mad Dog and Avengers Social Club on Wednesday, and The Package and Go Back Couple on Friday. And today, OCN’s latest thriller and tvN’s romcom will get their chance to impress (or disappoint) during their very first night.


Black Poster 1

Voice, Tunnel, Dueland now Black? Does OCN have a bias against longer drama titles? OK, trivial facts aside, Black is the newest thriller from the network this year. I like the variety we got in this network’s lineup because even though they kind of dominate the thriller genre, Black is very different from the four previous dramas (including Save Me)It is a supernatural thriller with grim reapers, ghosts, and a woman gifted with the ability to predict death. Sounds like Goblin, right? But there’s no goblin here and the major character is a grim reaper named Black, played by Song Seung-heon (Saimdang, Light’s Diary), called as such for his all-black style and cold personality. Having two nicknames, “Grim Reaper of Criminals” and the “Man In Black,” this man is known in the grim reaper community as a pro in the job, someone who is cold and does not flinch at the sight of a horrible crime scene. He’s an unsympathetic grim reaper who can’t understand human emotions and serves to protect death but this will start to change after his meeting with Kang Ha-ram, played by Go Ara (Hwarang), the woman who can predict how people die. One can expect some romance but trust me it’s not the center of the story.

One reason to watch Black is its PD, Kim Hong-sun. He directed the crime thriller Voice which set new records for the network earlier this year. That show was well directed, so it’s not unreasonable to expect Black to be just as good.

Revolutionary Love

Revolutionary Love Poster 1

Here’s the new romcom from tvN, headlined by Choi Si-won (She Was Pretty) and Kang So-ra (Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho). He’s playing a chaebol heir who moves into a humble neighborhood and apartment and starts living as an ordinary man, taking odd jobs he has never done before in his life. Then he meets Kang So-ra’s character, a hardworking college graduate who has plenty of part-time jobs because getting a decent full-time employment seems like as hard as getting into Harvard Law. They become friends and end up matching each other in a romantic relationship. Wondering about what is ‘revolutionary’ in their love story? If so, we’re in the same boat and I think the best way to get the answer is to watch the show.

Revolutionary Love‘s predecessors, Secret Forest and Live Up To Your Name, have had very successful and record-breaking runs, so I’m wondering as well what this show has to offer for tvN to maintain its winning streak on Saturdays and Saturdays. I doubt that this is just a typical rom-com because if I were a high official at tvN, I wouldn’t put an average show in a schedule with a great potential to attract more viewers than usual.


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