Starting Today: Argon

I’m pretty impressed by how much tvN, known by its complete name as Total Variety Network, values ‘variety’ in its drama lineup. The network’s Monday-Tuesday slot welcomed 2017 with a brand new workplace rom-com called Introverted Boss and went on to accommodate the teen-oriented The Liar and His Lover, science fiction Circle (which was amazing, by the way), and the recently ended fantasy series Bride of the Water God. These vastly unrelated dramas in terms of topic and genre will be followed today by yet another different drama that has its own unique story to tell—about a group of journalists whose quest for the truth is fierce and relentless.

Directed by Cheese in the Trap and Coffee Prince PD Lee Yoon-jung, Argon is an 8-episode series headlined by award-winning film actress Chun Woo-hee, who is playing a newbie investigative journalist working under the investigative broadcast news team called the same as the drama’s title, “Argon.” This team is headed by Kim Joo-hyuk‘s (Reply 1988) character, a principled news anchor who makes sure that his team goes after nothing but the truth and broadcast them to the people. Another journalism-related series is airing over at SBS (Falsify), so you might think that ‘no, something of that sort is enough.” But unlike the usual drama in which journalists play the big roles, Argon is not about the good guys chasing after high-profile politicians or chaebols involved in conspiracies and corrupt activities. Rather, the drama boasts of a unique storyline focusing on the “process of finding the truth and reporting it live on TV.”

This is my first time hearing about a series this short (only 8 episodes versus the usual 12, 16, and 20 or in the new format, 24, 32, and 40). The best possible explanation for this episode count could be the fact that the drama’s story can be told completely in just about eight to nine hours. So, I guess one can expect Argon as a show that’s not gonna drag and squander screen time for nothing. This drama is for those who could hardly commit watching relatively longer series or those who like journalism-themed dramas with interesting scripts.


Me? Just an ordinary lad with an extraordinary (says this something called 'stereotype') habit of watching Korean dramas. It started with action-filled City Hunter and the rest, as they say, is history.