‘Start-Up”s Nam Joo-hyuk gets cozy with Han Ji-min in upcoming film ‘Josee’

Nam Joo-hyuk and Han Ji-min‘s upcoming film Josee has confirmed its release schedule and released posters featuring the lead actors.

Josee is the Korean remake of the 2003 Japanese film Josee, the Tiger and the Fish, which was based on a short story of the same name. It stars Han Ji-min (Miss Baek) as a physically disabled woman who cannot walk. Josee is an unusual woman who lives in a world of her own making. A university student named Young-seok, played by Nam Joo-hyuk (The Great Battle) enters her life and becomes charmed by her.

The two slowly fall in love with each other and become inseparable. The movie is described as a love story anyone can relate to and depicts the brightest moments of Josee’s and Young-seok’s lives together. This is the second time Han Ji-min and Nam Joo-hyuk are collaborating, the first being in the 2019 award-winning drama The Light in Your Eyes.

Nam Joo-hyuk and Han Ji-min in Josee

In the first poster, Nam Joo-hyuk carries Han Ji-min on his back as she pores over books. The two appear to be in a library filled with gorgeous sunlight and wooden shelves, giving the scene an otherwordly, dream-like effect.

Nam Joo-hyuk and Han Ji-min in Josee - 2

In the second poster, Nam Joo-hyuk sits on the floor of a bedroom, by a table with food on it, as if waiting for Han Ji-min to join him. Han Ji-min, on the other hand, is crouched on the floor with a strange expression on her face. The two seem to be staring at each other intensely.

Josee has been written and directed by the acclaimed Kim Jong-kwan, who directed a segment of the 2019 Netflix movie Persona, as well as the 2017 film The Table. It is slated to get a domestic release in December. Watch the trailer for Josee below.

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