Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun’s movie ‘Emergency Declaration’ suspends filming in light of pandemic

Korea’s first full-scale air disaster film Emergency Declaration has stopped all filming, as announced in an official statement by film distribution company Showbox on August 31.

Emergency Declaration will center on the concept of the actual aviation term. Emergency declaration refers to a situation that, at the discretion of its pilot, the aircraft is no longer able to operate normally for any reason and will have to make an emergency landing.

The film is highly anticipated for its tense plotline and its A-list cast composed of actors Song Kang-hoLee Byung-hunJeon Do-yeon, Kim Nam-gilIm Si-wanKim So-jin, and Park Hae-joon.

The movie was able to crank up its production in May. However, last week, a staff member reportedly got in contact with someone who tested positive for the disease. While the associate’s result came back negative, the production team held an emergency meeting in consideration of the continuous increase of COVID-19 cases. After careful deliberation and with the safety of the actors and staff as priority, the team has then decided to stop all planned filming and observe the situation from August 31.

According to reports, the anticipated blockbuster has a net production cost of over 23.2 million USD (27.5 billion KRW) and is expected to incur losses due to its filming suspension. A part of the official announcement reads as follows:

“Despite [the production’s] strict compliance to the strengthened quarantine rules, due to the continuous spread of the virus in Seoul and the metropolitan area, there is still a risk of infection through unexpected external contact. So, there was a request from the production company to review whether or not the filming should still continue. Emergency Declaration is expected to have difficulties in preventing the spread of the disease or practicing quarantine due to the high number of filming conditions that require a large number of people [on the set]. Therefore, it has been decided to temporarily suspend filming until it is determined that the schedule can be carried out while maintaining the health and safety of the actors and staff. We will do our best to ensure that the shooting is carried out safely in the future through more thorough preparation. We sincerely hope that the spread of COVID-19 will subside as soon as possible.”

To date, Emergency Declaration, helmed by The King’s (2017) PD Han Jae-rim, has already finished shooting two-thirds of the film.

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