Song Jae-rim courted to star in ‘Let Me Hear Your Song’

Model-actor Song Jae-rim is in talks to headline a new KBS2 drama called Let Me Hear Your Song, about a woman who can only fall asleep upon hearing a tone-deaf person sing.

Singer-actress Kim Se-jong has been courted to play the said woman, named Hong Yi-kyung, an assistant timpanist in a local orchestra and an unlucky jobseeker for the past three years. She is suffering from a memory loss caused by mysterious past events in her life.

Meanwhile, the role offered to Song Jae-rim is that of Nam Joo-wan, a charming and talented teaching assistant at a music school and a conductor of a city symphony orchestra.

Song made his acting debut through the 2009 movie Actresses. He gained popularity in the entertainment industry by appearing in dramas like Moon Embracing the Sun and Two Weeks where he played a loyal bodyguard and a cold-blooded assassin, respectively. He was last seen in Clean With Passion For Now (2018).

Let Me Hear Your Song is based on an award novel entitled I’ll Put You To Sleep. Its screenplay will be written by Kim Min-joo of Sunny Again Tomorrow and directed by Lee Jung-mi of the drama special Pinocchio’s Nose. It is slated to premiere in August.

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