Song Ha-yoon encounters mysterious Lee Jun-young in upcoming romance drama

MBC every1’s upcoming drama Please Don’t Meet Him has dropped a second thrilling teaser!

Please Don’t Meet Him, also known as Please Don’t Date That Man, is a romantic drama starring Song Ha-yoon (Devilish Charm) and Lee Jun-young (Good Casting). Song plays an AI programmer for a team that develops home appliances. She accidentally develops an AI refrigerator that can tell bad men from the good and save women from dating them, avoiding heartbreak in the process. She gets involved with a mysterious firefighter, played by Lee Jun-young.

The 40-second teaser opens with the AI refrigerator asking Song Ha-yoon, “Do you want to know the truth about him?” Song is seen kicking the refrigerator in frustration, until Lee Jun-young appears in a firefighter’s uniform. The two have their first meeting with Song shooting the fire extinguisher in Lee’s face.

The two meet again, go on dates, and begin a sweet romance, while the AI refrigerator reports that there is no data on Lee Jun-young. This is followed by a clip of Lee not as a firefighter, but a celebrity surrounded by fangirls, raising questions about his real identity. The teaser ends with Song Ha-yoon catching Lee Jun-young with a knife in his hands, looking dangerous.

Please Don't Meet Him main poster
Please Don’t Meet Him main poster

The drama also revealed its main poster featuring the lead couple joined by cast members Yoon Bo-mi (Farming Academy 2) and Gong Min-jung (Sweet Munchies). Song Ha-yoon can be seen covering one eye with her hand, while Yoon Bo-mi looks like she’s covering her ear, and Gong Min-jung has a finger on her lips. The three women mimic the poses of the “Three Wise Monkeys,” while Lee Jun-young stands behind them.

Please Don’t Meet Him is set to premiere on MBC every1 starting November 10 and on MBC starting November 16.

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