Song Geon-hee confirmed for Netflix original series ‘Love Alarm’

Actor Song Geon-hee, who was recently seen in JTBC’s hit drama Sky Castle, is all set to star in the Netflix original series Love Alarm, his agency confirmed on February 11.

Love Alarm is based on the popular webtoon of the same name by author Chon Kye-young. Co-written by Lee Ah-youn and Seo Bora and directed by Lee Na-jeong of the feel-good romantic comedy Fight For My Way (2017), the drama adaptation revolves around a mobile application called “Love Alarm” that alerts users when someone who likes them is within a 10-meter radius. The app also shows how many people like a user without revealing many details about them. It causes a momentous change in the society as people are suddenly forced to come to terms with their true feelings.

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Love Alarm stars Kim So-hyun (Radio Romance) as Kim Jo-jo, a girl who is cheerful and bright despite her painful past, and Song Kang (The Liar And His Lover) as Hwang Sun-oh, who is from a wealthy family and likes Kim Jo-jo. Song Geon-hee will play a supporting character named Max, a popular idol star. In addition, Jung Ga-ram (Mistress) and Lee Jae-eung are also slated to appear in the drama as Hwang Sun-oh’s best friend and the app’s developer, respectively.

Song Geon-hee gained a steady fan following after starring in the web drama Love Playlist. He further cemented his popularity by appearing in two dramas, My ID Is Gangnam Beauty and Sky Castle, back-to-back. His role in Sky Castle as a tortured son whose life falls apart when he gets accepted into a prestigious university, made a strong impression on the viewers. In the Netflix series, he will show a 180-degree change from the characters he has played until now.

A joint production of Netflix and Studio Dragon, Love Alarm is an 8-episode series set to air simultaneously in the latter half of 2019 on the streaming giant and tvN. Netflix officially announced Love Alarm in early 2017 as its first original Korean drama but Kingdom, which got green-lighted at a later time, preceded Love Alarm‘s production and release.

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