Son Ye-jin offered lead role in new drama from ‘Something in the Rain’ PD

Son Ye-jin might be reuniting this year with the producing director of Something In The Rain as she received an offer to headline the director’s new series titled Spring Nighta melodrama series that tells a promising love story of a woman.

A news outlet reported on January 14 that the actress and Something in the Rain PD Ahn Pan-seok will be collaborating again for an upcoming Wednesday-Thursday MBC drama. Son Ye-jin’s agency (MSteam Entertainment), however, clarified that while she did receive a casting offer, she has just begun reviewing her possible appearance in the new series. The actress was reportedly courted to play the role of a local librarian.

Son Ye-jin is the heroine of the 2018 romance drama Something in the Rain where she plays a career woman who gets dumped by her boyfriend and subsequently falls in love with her best friend’s younger brother, portrayed by Jung Hae-in. The said drama recently won Best Drama Series at the 23rd Asian Television Awards which took place in Malaysia.

Son Ye-jin’s previous dramas include Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus (2013) and Personal Taste (2010).

Spring Night will be written by Kim Eun. It will be broadcast in May 2019 following the end of The Banker, according to a source from MBC.

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