Son Ye-jin, Lee Sun-kyun reported to make Hollywood debut in Sam Worthington starrer film ‘Cross’

Two of the most famous personalities in South Korea’s entertainment industry, Son Ye-jin and Lee Sun-kyun, may be on their way to take the Hollywood stage for the first time in the new sci-fi movie Cross!

Set into the future, Cross will tell the story of a multiracial country that is divided into two nations by a border. Its plot revolves around people who are caught in between the two territories—one is wealthy while the other is poverty-stricken.

Son Ye-jin will reportedly star opposite popular Hollywood actor Sam Worthington, who is best known for his portrayals in movies such as Avatar (2009), Clash of the Titans (2010), and Fractured (2019). Son has been tapped to play Vera, a tough woman who lives in the impoverished side. She becomes a widow when her husband dies while trying to cross the border and has to raise her son alone. Worthington, according to reports, will take the role of a man on the rich side of the border.

At present, Son Ye-jin’s agency MSTeam Entertainment has been careful in disclosing details and has only confirmed that the actress is “positively reviewing the [offer to appear] in Cross.” If the plans push through, the film will mark Son Ye-jin’s big-screen comeback since the 2018 crime thriller The Negotiation.

Meanwhile, Lee Sun-kyun is in final talks to transform into the role of an intimidating and powerful chief for border control. According to his agency, HODU&U Entertainment, the actor is still currently reviewing the offer and has not come to a decision yet. Lee recently gained international regard for his role in the 2019 Oscar-winning black-comedy film Parasite.

Cross will be helmed by Andrew Niccol, the critically acclaimed screenwriter, director, and producer behind the hit sci-fi films Gattaca (1997), In Time (2011), and Anon (2018). Though it has been in development for over a decade, the project is finally pushing forward as Niccol found new inspiration in his visit to South Korea last year.

Due to the country’s current status as “the only divided nation in the world,” Niccol became interested to film the movie in South Korea and employ local talents. He is also reported to have personally reached out to Son Ye-jin, in hopes to cast her for the film.

Cross is scheduled to jump-start its production in March 2021.

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