Son Ho-jun transforms into a mysterious writer in first stills from ‘Was It Love?’

JTBC has dropped the first stills of Son Ho-jun‘s character from its upcoming romantic comedy Was It Love?.

The drama stars Song Ji-hyo (Lovely Horribly) as single mother and movie producer Noh Ae-jung. She has been on her own for 14 years and has more or less given up on romance. She suddenly finds herself with four different admirers, played by Son Ho-jun (The Light in Your Eyes), Song Jong-ho (Arthdal Chronicles), Koo Ja-sung (The Secret Life of My Secretary), and finally, Kim Min-joon (Babysitter). Kim Da-som (He Is Psychometric), former member of the K-pop girl group SISTAR, will also appear in the show.

Son Ho-jun plays Oh Dae-oh, Noh Ae-jung’s ex-boyfriend who comes back into her life. He’s a best-selling writer who writes under the pseudonym “100 Billion,” with the world’s top literary awards as well as Hollywood deals under his belt. His books have the power to move people to tears, but Dae-oh himself has an unpredictable and mysterious aura, which women are drawn to.

Oh Dae-oh is described as someone whose looks are as good as his writing ability, and the character stills seem to prove that. The three stills show him in various outfits—a formal suit, a summery shirt, and even a dark ensemble. The outfits evoke different moods and charms of the character, from intense to proud to laid-back. He used to be foolishly in love but is now a cold-hearted man despite being perfect in all aspects of his life—from career to talent to money and looks. Intense emotions overcome him when he and Noh Ae-jung meet again as a writer and a producer.

Directed by Kim Do-hyung (18 Again), Was It Love? will premiere on July 8 as JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama. It will follow the conclusion of Yook Sung-jae and Hwang Jung-eum’s Mystic Pop-up Bar.

Meanwhile, you can check out the drama’s teaser here and the stills of its main lady Song Ji-hyo here.

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