Sol Kyung-gu, EXO’s D.O. to star in new film by creators of ‘Along with the Gods’ film series

Award-winning actor Sol Kyung-gu and multitalented star Doh Kyung-soo are set to team up in the upcoming sci-fi movie The Moon (working title).

The Moon will revolve around a man’s desperate fight for survival after he gets left alone in outer space due to an accident and a man on Earth who embarks on a long-shot mission to rescue him.

Sol Kyung-gu has been cast as the man who works at an astronomical observatory on Earth and makes a chance correspondence with a man isolated somewhere in space. The veteran actor is best known for his starring role in the popular Public Enemy film series: Public Enemy (2002), Another Public Enemy (2005), and Public Enemy Returns (2008). He also rendered remarkable portrayals in numerous box-office hits, including The Merciless (2017), Birthday (2019), and the most recent, Man of Men (2019).

Acting alongside Sol is Doh Kyung-soo, also known in the world of K-pop as D.O. of the internationally famous South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO. Following his first venture into movie acting in Cart (2014), he took on unforgettable roles in successful commercial films such as the Along with the Gods film series (2017, 2018), Room No. 7 (2017), and Swing Kids (2018). Just in time for his scheduled discharge from the military in January of next year, Doh will go straight to suiting up as the distressed man in outer space who struggles hard to hold out until a seemingly impossible help arrives.

The Moon will be spearheaded by the creators of the Along with the Gods movie franchise, director Kim Yong-hwa and Dexter Studios. It targets to kick off its filming in the first half of 2021.

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