So Hee-jung, Lee Jung-joon join cast of MBC’s upcoming drama ‘Kairos’

MBC’s upcoming drama Kairos welcomes new additions to its cast, as veteran actress So Hee-jung and rookie actor Lee Jung-joon join the lineup.

The new fantasy thriller that features time travel will revolve around a man whose perfect life is ruined when his daughter is kidnapped. Desperate to save her, he is given the chance to contact someone in the past, one month before his daughter disappears. Coincidentally, the person he contacts from the past is looking for her mother, who also went missing without a trace.

The previously confirmed cast has been attracting attention lately, being composed of strong actors such as Shin Sung-rok, Lee Se-young, Ahn Bo-hyun, and Nam Gyu-ri.

Meet the Cast

Shin Sung-rok appeared in Vagabond last year. In this series, he will be playing Kim Seo-jin, whose tenacity and determination for success has made him the youngest director of a construction company. Aside from his successful career, he also has a perfect family, with his violinist wife Kang Hyun-chae (Nam Gyu-ri, Different Dreams) and adorable daughter. But his perfect life turns upside down when his daughter gets kidnapped. In order to save her, he communicates with someone from the past.

Lee Se-young, who last appeared in Memorist (2020), will be portraying Han Ae-ri, a college student who is juggling her studies and her part-time jobs so she could pay for her mother’s surgery and get by. After her mother suddenly goes missing, she falls into despair. Not long after, Seo-jin contacts her from the future.

Coming back to the screen after his last villain role in Itaewon Class (2020), Ahn Bo-hyun will be gearing up as Seo Do-kyun. Do-kyun works at the same construction company where Seo-jin is the director. He will be the first one to cause the conflict in the plot.

Lee Jung-joon has accepted the role as the young Kim Seo-jin, while So Hee-jung will be playing Hye-kyung, who babysits Seo-jin and Hyun-chae’s daughter while both parents are busy with work.

Lee Jung-joon graduated from the Korean National University of Arts and is currently a rookie in the entertainment industry. He has shown a stable acting performance as a supporting character in his debut drama, OCN’s Class of Lies, in 2019. He then snagged a role in the web series Best Mistake Season 2 as the promising baseball player Choi Seung-hyun, a character who was well received by the audience. As a promising newcomer who has both visuals and acting skills, Lee is looking forward to telling the story of Seo-jin’s past.

Meanwhile, So Hee-jung has shown impressive performances in series such as Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter (2018), Hotel del Luna (2019), When the Devil Calls Your Name (2019), and the most recent, Psychopath Diary (2019). She is loved by the audience for her deep and delicate acting skills while portraying various characters in her projects. The actress has also been active in films since 2011 and has left an impact this year with her roles in Intruder and the zombie movie #Alive, which set the record for the highest first-day viewership of any film since the start of the year, prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 in South Korea.

Kairos is scheduled for its first broadcast in October. It will be directed by Park Seung-woo, who has worked on Person Who Gives Happiness (2016), Lookout (2017), and Spring Turns to Spring (2019). It will be penned by writer Lee Soo-hyun of Crime Squad (2011).

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