SHINee’s Key transforms into genius hacker in new stills from “Lookout”

Members of Kpop group SHINee have been appearing on the small screen. Hwarang, a historical drama about an elite group of young men during the Silla dynasty, has Minho as one of its main characters. Onew, another member of SHINee, has also been confirmed to join the cast of Age of Youth’s second seasonKey joins the list by being part of MBC’s ongoing drama, Lookout.

Key on MBC's Lookout

Behind-the-scenes stills from Lookout have been released showing Key embrace his role as a young hacker who usually gets into trouble. Key’s character plays a vital role in a team of vigilantes as he maintains an intelligent network and hacks into CCTVs showing evidence that support their claims against criminals.  He is seen to work hard on the set of Lookout as he carefully studies the script, gets into character, and reviews his scenes on a screen. He even received praises for his acting. According to a production staff, “Key’s acting sense really brings out the appeal of Gong Kyung-soo. He portrays well not just his genius talents, but also his warm heart. His relationship with Seo Bo-mi (Kim Seul-gi) as well as what happened in his past will be revealed in the future, so please tune in to see Gong Kyung-soo and Key’s progress in Lookout.

Lookout is about a group of people who lost their loved ones in crimes and suffered from not getting the justice they deserve. They team up to support each other as they endure the pain while at the same time, taking action to find justice through efforts done outside the law. Lee Si-young (My Beautiful Bride) plays as Jo Soo-ji, a former detective who lost her daughter and is out to seek revenge. Kim Young-kwang (Sweet Stranger and Me) plays as Prosecutor Jang Do-han. The rest of the team include Kim Tae-hoon (Fantastic) and Kim Seul-gi (Queen of Ring). Together, they go against corrupt and privileged people.

Lookout is written by Kim Soo-eun and Park Hyo-yeon and directed by Son Hyung-seok (Two Weeks) and Park Seung-woo (Person Who Gives Happiness). It occupies MBC’s Monday-Tuesday schedule at 20:00 KST.

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