Shin So-yul cast in action comedy film ‘The Art of Taebaek’

Shin So-yul is all set for a brand new movie role!

On June 2, Shin’s agency Moment Global announced that the actress has been cast in the martial arts comedy movie The Art of Taebaek (tentative title).

The Art of Taebaek is directed by Choi Sang-hoon, who has previously worked on movies like Whispering (2018), Our Older Sister (2014), and Mr. Perfect (2014). It will revolve around a martial arts warrior from the mountainous region of Taebaek, who comes down to the world and opens a chiropractic center. The film will combine traditional Korean martial arts, which haven’t been explored in movies, with a heavy dose of comedy.

Oh Ji-ho (Never Twice) is set to play the lead role in the movie. His character Sung-joon, despite being skilled in the traditional martial arts, is innocent and eccentric at heart. Shin So-yul, meanwhile, has been cast as his wife Bo-mi, who Sung-joon runs the chiropractic center with. Despite being caring, Bo-mi is also a tough person and more practical of the two. She fell in love with Sung-joon after he saves her from being harassed by gangsters.

Shin rose to prominence through her role in the highly popular 2012 drama Reply 1997. She has since starred in dramas like Should We Kiss First? (2018) and Big Issue (2019). In 2020, the actress is set to appear in OCN’s sci-fi thriller Train and the sci-fi TV movie SF8: White Crow.

The Art of Taebaek is currently in the final stages of production and is expected to be released in the second half of the year.

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