Shin Hye-sun receives offer to headline new thriller film

It seems that exciting projects keep finding actress Shin Hye-sun!

An official from Shin Hye-sun’s agency YNK Entertainment revealed that the actress has been offered the lead role in the upcoming thriller film Open the Door (literal title). However, she is not at the stage of being in talks or reviewing the script yet. 

Open the Door is said to be the second installment of a thriller series that began with Door Lock (2018) starring Gong Hyo-jin (Crazy Romance). The 2018 film was the remake of a Spanish film called Sleep Tight and starred Gong as a single woman living alone who finds traces of someone breaking into her house. Open the Door will follow a similar plot, this time, revolving around another ordinary single woman who gets caught up in a series of unexpected and dangerous situations after buying a secondhand washing machine online. 

Shin Hye-sun has earned accolades for her acting prowess and impressed viewers through projects like the film Innocence (2020), where she played a steadfast lawyer who decides to defend her mother’s wrongful conviction in a murder case, and the tvN historical drama Mr. Queen (2020–2021), where she played a Joseon queen who actually has the soul of a playful chef from the modern era. Mr. Queen went on to become the seventh highest-rated cable drama in Korean television history, catapulting Shin to national and international fame. 

Park Hee-gon, best known as the director and screenwriter of films Insadong Scandal (2009), Perfect Game (2011), and Feng Shui (2018), will be at the helm of Open the Door

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