Shin Hye-sun is a queen who wants to go back in second teaser for ‘No Touch Princess’

tvN’s new fusion historical drama No Touch Princess has unveiled a hilarious second teaser featuring leading actress Shin Hye-sun.

Also known as Queen Cheorin, the drama tells the story of a free-spirited man from the modern era whose soul gets trapped in the body of Queen Kim So-yong of Joseon. It stars Shin Hye-sun (Angel’s Last Mission: Love) as the Queen with the disgruntled spirit of someone who wants to go back.

The first teaser depicted the moment Shin Hye-sun discovers that she has gone from inhabiting the body of a man to that of a woman. In the second teaser, Shin Hye-sun has a total meltdown as her character is trapped in the Joseon era. The entire royal chambers are in chaos over the Queen’s strange behavior—dunking her head in water and trying to run away in increasingly hilarious ways. They think the Queen has been possessed by a spirit. Shin Hye-sun then sheds a lone tear that looks more comical than sad, wondering if she can go back. In the end, she gives up and begins wailing that she wants to go back while shooing her head maid away.

Additionally, character posters of the four main cast members were also released. In her poster, Shin Hye-sun is dressed in the garb of the Queen while making a gesture that belies her being from a different era. Kim Jung-hyun (Crash Landing on You), who plays the two-faced King Cheoljeong, appears to be holding a book in his poster and concentrating on something. Bae Jong-ok (Graceful Family) looks cunning in her poster, which fits her character of the late king’s wife Queen Sunwon, who has reduced King Cheoljong to a mere figurehead and holds all true decision-making powers. And lastly, Kim Tae-woo (The Tale of Nokdu) looks like he’s cooking up an ominous plan in his poster. He plays Queen Sunwon’s overambitious younger brother.

No Touch Princess character posters

No Touch Princess has been directed by Yoon Sung-shik, best known for directing another fusion historical drama Hwarang (2016–2017). It will premiere on December 12, replacing Suzy and Nam Joo-hyuk’s Start-Up.

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