Shin Dong-mi is Park Bo-gum’s manager in new ‘Record of Youth’ stills

tvN’s highly anticipated drama Record of Youth has released new stills featuring Park Bo-gum and Shin Dong-mi as the actor-manager duo Sa Hye-joon and Lee Min-jae.

Record of Youth is a depiction of young people’s journeys towards achieving their dreams and experiencing love as they face and struggle through the harsh realities of life. The series is set against the background of the entertainment industry and stars Park Bo-gum (Encounter), Park So-dam (Cinderella and the Four Knights), and Byun Woo-seok (Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency) in the main roles.   

The freshly dropped photos give a sneak peek of Sa Hye-joon and Lee Min-jae’s relationship. Hye-joon is a model and an optimistic young man who constantly challenges himself to achieve his dream of becoming an actor, while Min-jae is his enthusiastic newbie manager who is more than willing to back him up and make him a star.


Two of the still cuts introduce their unusual beginning. In one of the shots, Min-jae is midway into loading a car with her things as she has just resigned from a company. But instead of helping her, Hye-joon seems to be holding the car door to stop her from leaving. It is likely that he has laid out an offer she cannot refuse, given her flustered and somewhat disbelieving expression in the next picture.


As they work together, Min-jae also finds herself rooting for Hye-joon. While she’s not one to stick her nose into other people’s business, she unexpectedly gets involved in Hye-joon’s life, eventually helping him face a major change.

The tandem of Park Bo-gum and Shin Dong-mi (The Good Detective) is raising curiosity and amping up the excitement as they portray characters who are determined to set foot into the demanding world of glitz and glamour.

The production team shared, “The relationship between Sa Hye-joon and Lee Min-jae, whose growth together is based on their strong trust [in each other], is also a point to look forward to. The struggles of Hye-joon, who is going after his dream, and Min-jae, a novice manager who is taking her first step into the fierce entertainment industry, will be interesting. You will be able to meet Park Bo-gum and Shin Dong-mi, who will add joy to the drama with their perfect synergy.”

Record of Youth is slated to become tvN’s newest Monday-Tuesday drama beginning September 7 and will air during the 9 p.m. KST time slot. You can check out the drama’s main poster here and one of its teasers here.

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