SF9’s Kang Chan-hee shows different charms in new web drama

Web drama Love In Your Taste recently released charming still cuts featuring the drama’s lead actor, Kang Chan-hee.

The actor, who is also known by his stage name Chani as member of the K-pop boy group SF9, is on a roll after the success of his last drama, Sky Castle, in which he played the innocent and studious Hwang Woo-joo. His character received a lot of sympathy from the audience after he was framed for the murder of his classmate, and had to go to jail despite being a hardworking student and a good son. Sky Castle just recently ended on a high note, becoming the highest-rated Korean cable drama in history, but Kang Chan-hee has already moved on by challenging himself with a new role.

He will next be seen in Love In Your Taste, a web drama about the youth, and the two things youths love the most—food and romance. In the drama, he plays Yoon Dan, a soft-hearted and emotional college student in his 20s who is in love. The still cuts released by the drama show Kang Chan-hee intently going over the script and cutely posing with a fork.

Photo Credit: Sports Chosun

Kang Chan-hee has proved his acting prowess by starring as a child actor in intense dramas like Listen To My Heart (2011) and Innocent Man (2012). He rose to prominence after starring in Signal (2015) as the innocent Park Sun-woo who gets falsely implicated in the rape of his classmate, and more recently, in the blockbuster drama Sky Castle.

Love In Your Taste had its first broadcast on February 2, and will continue to air every Monday and Wednesday on Olleh TV and Bamboo Network’s YouTube channel.

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