‘Senior, Don’t Put on That Lipstick’ reveals casting lineup to join lead stars Rowoon, Won Jin-ah

JTBC’s upcoming rom-com drama Senior, Don’t Put on That Lipstick has unveiled an exciting lineup of cast members composed of lead stars Rowoon and Won Jin-ah, as well as actors Lee Hyun-wook, Lee Joo-bin, Lee Kyu-han, Wang Bit-na, Ha Yoon-kyung, and Kang Hye-jin.

(First row: Won Jin-ah and Rowoon; Second row, L-R: Lee Hyun-wook, Lee Joo-bin, and Lee Kyu-han; Last row, L-R: Wang Bit-na, Ha Yoon-kyung, and Kang Hye-jin)

Senior, Don’t Put on That Lipstick tells the push-and-pull workplace romance between a handsome, straightforward employee and his lovely, older colleague. It is based on a popular 2017 web novel of the same name by author Elise.

Cover of web novel Senior, Don’t Put on That Lipstick
Cover of web novel Senior, Don’t Put on That Lipstick

Rowoon (Extraordinary You) will take on the role of Chae Hyun-seung, a serious yet charming brand marketer who just joined Clar, a cosmetics brand company. He will soon form a comical bond with his office senior Yoon Song-ah, played by Won Jin-ah (Melting Me Softly), a professional and passionate brand marketer whose dream is to launch her own cosmetics brand someday.

Joining Won and Rowoon are cast members Lee Hyun-wook (Strangers from Hell), Lee Joo-bin (Find Me in Your Memory), Lee Kyu-han (Graceful Family), Wang Bit-na (King Maker: The Change of Destiny), Ha Yoon-kyung (Hospital Playlist), and Kang Hye-jin, who, through their colorful characters, are all anticipated to put their own touch into the show and make it a remarkably refreshing and unique drama.

First, Lee Hyun-wook will turn into Lee Jae-shin, a marketing team leader who appears to have everything but actually does not. With Lee Hyun-wook’s excellent acting, he is expected to give life to his complex and multifaceted character.

Next is Lee Joo-bin who signed up to play Lee Hyo-joo, a promising young photographer. As the granddaughter of the person who founded Clar, Hyo-joo grew up living quite an extravagant and wild life, but she somehow still feels empty inside. Having left a lasting impression for her roles in recent projects, Lee Joo-bin is foreseen to display an even better performance as Hyo-joo.

Lee Kyu-han is also confirmed to participate as Lee Jae-un, the heir to the company who currently works as the vice president for marketing. Though he is known mainly for his incredible skills in marketing, Jae-un also has an amusing and humorous side to him that is predicted to bring a pleasant comical element to the story.

Meanwhile, Wang Bit-na and Ha Yoon-kyung are set to play Hyun-seung’s sisters Chae Ji-seung and Chae Yeon-seung, respectively. Ji-seung works as a representative and chief designer of a wedding-dress shop called Hara, whereas Yeon-seung is a housewife who has been married for eight years. Great attention is being focused on just what level of entertainment these three siblings are going to show on the small screen.

Lastly, Kang Hye-jin, famously known on YouTube as Hey Jini, will take on the role of Kim Ga-young, Song-ah’s energetic best friend who is employed as a sales lady at a department store.

Senior, Don’t Put on That Lipstick is helmed by Lee Dong-yoon, director of Fated to Love You (2014), Happy Home (2016), and 20th Century Boy and Girl (2017). The drama is slated to air in the first half of 2021.

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