‘Sell Your Haunted House’ drops eerie main, character posters

KBS2’s upcoming Wednesday and Thursday drama Sell Your Haunted House has unveiled two main posters as well as the character posters of its main stars Jang Na-ra and Jung Yong-hwa.

Sell Your Haunted House is an upcoming occult drama that follows two exorcists who make use of their abilities to earn money. Jang (Oh My Baby) plays Hong ji-ah, the CEO and owner of the real estate firm Daebak Real Estate who buys and cleanses haunted properties, while CNBLUE’s Jung (The Package) portrays Oh In-beom, a con artist who pretends to be an exorcist for money.

In the released posters, both stars pose while standing on the stairs of an old-looking building, and a strange shadow wrapped in a veil can be seen behind them, at the top of the stairs. In a close-up shot, Ji-ah and In-beom seem to be closer to the strange figure, as if each step is bringing them closer and closer to their fears.

Sell Your Haunted House main poster 1
Sell Your Haunted House main poster 2

The production crew commented, “Jang Na-ra and Jung Yong-hwa are natural actors who have the on/off switch on the set. It’s impressive how they can easily change the look in their eyes when the camera starts rolling. Please look forward to Sell Your Haunted House, which will give viewers a new story with Jang Na-ra’s and Jung Yong-hwa’s acting performances.”

Jang Na-ra Sell Your Haunted House character poster
Jung Yong-hwa Sell Your Haunted House character poster

Similar to the main posters, the character posters exude great mystery as well. Regal like a queen, Jang transforms into the hot tempered Ji-ah, whose intimidating aura tells that she is not someone to mess with. Unlike Jang, Jung, with his neat white-and-black outfit, shows a determined but calm aura as his character In-beom. The production crew said, “Jang Na-ra and Jung Yong-hwa both have million-dollar eyes that are transparent like glass balls, and they also have a million-dollar look.”

Sell Your Haunted House will premiere this coming April 14.

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