‘Secret Royal Inspector’ drops character posters of Kim Myung-soo, Kwon Na-ra, Lee Yi-kyung

KBS2’s upcoming historical drama Secret Royal Inspector has unveiled the character posters of main stars Kim Myung-soo, Kwon Na-ra, and Lee Yi-kyung.

Secret Royal Inspector tells the story of special officers of the Joseon Dynasty who are handpicked by the king and are sent out to the provinces of the kingdom. While hiding their true identities, they will uncover works of corruption and extortion and listen to the people’s pleas and resentments.

The freshly released posters introduce Sung Yi-gyum (Kim Myung-soo, Welcome), Hong Da-in (Kwon Na-ra, Itaewon Class), and Park Chun-sam (Lee Yi-kyung, Welcome to Waikiki 2), who will work together in unraveling different cases across the kingdom. Yi-gyum is an unambitious yet intelligent civil servant who succumbs to his gambling tendencies every now and then. During one of his gaming escapades, he gets caught and sentenced to becoming a secret royal investigator. Working with him are Da-in, a fellow inspector who is under the guise of a courtesan, and Chun-sam, Yi-gyum’s bright and talkative servant who will do anything to help him out.

Kwon Na-ra in Secret Royal Inspector
Lee Yi-kyung in Secret Royal Inspector

The promotional images show the three characters seemingly lurking in the dark, as if to convey their regular task of going undercover to do their jobs. In a way, the posters also give the viewers a glimpse of what can be expected of the characters. Yi-gyum, who can be quite clumsy at times, will show off his passionate and serious side as an investigator; Da-in, who is known for her beauty and grace, will slowly unveil her cunning and skilled persona as one of the kingdom’s officers; and Chun-sam, who is almost like Yi-gyum’s family, will transform into a trusty right-hand man.

Secret Royal Inspector will premiere on December 21 at 9:30 p.m., replacing Zombie Detective as KBS2’s newest Monday-Tuesday drama.

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