Second ‘Hospital Ship’ teaser highlights Ha Ji-won’s role as doctor

MBC released on August 24 the second teaser of its new medical drama, Hospital Ship. The 36-second teaser focuses on the series’ heroine played by actress Ha Ji-won, which is playing a doctor role for the first time in her 20-year acting career.

The latest teaser shows the charismatic and professional appearance of Ha Ji-won (The Time We Were Not In Love) as surgeon Song Eun-jae. She is one the doctors aboard the hospital ship that travels to remote places lacking medical infrastructures and needing medical services from volunteers. In the teaser, Song Eun-jae demonstrates her ability to perform surgeries perfectly whether it be in the hospital, in the ship, or in outdoor areas. She is an excellent surgeon that has caught the attention of Kim Su-kwon, the director of Geoje University Hospital played by Jung Won-Joong, who wonders: “Where did that monster come from?

The second Hospital Ship teaser goes on to depict Song Eun-jae as a no-nonsense doctor who saves other people’s lives no matter what. She is seen kneeling on a gurney while performing a CPR on a critical patient. The rest of the scenes give a glimpse of the conflicts and challenges she has to face as a doctor.

Despite being a good surgeon, Song Eun-jae does not willingly join the team on the hospital ship. She is forced to volunteer to avoid public scrutiny after her family is ruined and is described as cold and having a hard time dealing and empathizing with people. Kang Min-hyuk (Entertainer) is playing a military doctor named Kwak Hyun, the lead male character who has a warm heart that could change her personality.

Set to premiere on August 30 following the end of Man Who Dies To Live, Hospital Ship is the first medical drama from MBC to be broadcast this year. It is expected to center on the growth of the young doctors on board the ship as medical professionals and individuals dealing with their respective lives. In addition to Ha Ji-won and Kang Min-hyuk, the main cast includes Lee Seo-won (The Liar and His Lover) as oriental medicine doctor Kim Jae-gyul, Kim In-shik (Monster) as dentist Cha Joon-young, and AOA’s Minah (All About My Mom) as nurse Yoo Ah-rim.

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