Screenwriter Kim Eun-sook announces new drama “Mister Sunshine”

Mister Sunshine has become the latest addition to screenwriter Kim Eun-sook‘s (Goblin) dramas as she revealed on May 29 that the pre-production work for this latest drama project is already set. Mister Sunshine is her 12th drama, following the highly successful Descendants of the Sun and Goblin which both aired last year.

The synopsis is out and Kim Eun-sook is already in the script writing stage for the new period drama set in the twentieth century, from 1900 to 1905. The hit writer revealed her particular interest in this period, at the close of Joseon era but before the Japanese occupation. She noticed how this time period is overlooked by TV or movie productions and is hardly set to stage. Despite the difficulties in finding right shooting places, Kim Eun-sook nonetheless moves forward with the project and recognized the need to build their own set.

Mister Sunshine writer Kim Eun-sook
Photo Credit: Top Star News

Mister Sunshine centers on the story of an American soldier, Korean by blood, falling in love with a nobleman’s daughter during his dispatch to Korea. The storyline takes off with a battle scene set during the U.S. military expedition to Korea (Shinmiyangyo) in 1871, when the protagonist boards an American military ship as a young innocent boy and arrives in the U.S. He was homed in U.S. and years later, he returns as an American soldier to his motherland. During his assignment in Korea, the soldier meets and falls in love with an aristocrat’s daughter.

Kim Eun-sook disclosed that she will be working once again with PD Lee Eung-book of Goblin and Descendants of the Sun. After the script work is done, the drama’s production team will soon announce casting offers. In line with this, the writer expressed her demand for the male lead role saying “I have an actor in mind [for the main character]. Because the character requires strong narration and wide breadth of emotion, I want an extremely good actor.”

Mister Sunshine is planned to be filmed later this year and set to air in spring (March to May) or summer (June to August) of 2018.

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