School 2017 Review: Episode 3

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The mystery is far from over. Delinquent trouble-maker X may not have surfaced in the last few days but his drone scene in the gym caused more troubles in school. Although we’re still unsure of his identity, this episode gives us a little bit of more background about our trio of high schoolers that seems to be connected to the present-day chaos happening in Geumdo High.

Episode Summary

After the incident in the gym proving Ra Eun-ho’s innocence in the crimes committed by X, she’s been saved from being expelled from or forced to drop out of school. Unfortunately, this is not the end of her unlucky involvement in the case. She stills receives demerits for sneaking into the faculty room that night and faces the anger of the students who have known about her causing the strict implementation of the demerit system that breeds distrust among her classmates. As a result, she promises to catch the culprit herself. Meanwhile, Hyun Tae-woon and Song Daae-hwi get into a fight over a broken watch and something that happened in the past.

Ra Eun-ho is in trouble again after the school principal strictly implemented the school’s demerit system. If episodes 1 and 2 presented the grades-based discrimination and injustice as the headache-causing problems faced by Korea’s high schoolers of today, episode 3 has its emphasis on this gibberish merit-demerit system that’s causing the students to fight, distrust each other, and even betray their friends to satisfy their own interests. One particular student, the second placer who’s jealous of Dae-hwi’s top spot in the ranking, has reported him and caused him to get some demerit points. All because of the possibility of that student taking the top spot some day when Dae-hwi becomes less favored by the school authority. The competition among the students is highlighted in this case, giving us the message that schools with this type of upbringing do not help at all in creating an environment conducive for learning.

This hoodie guy, now called by the students as X, is indirectly causing more troubles and making the school principal paranoid about losing his position. Some students are copying X’s hoodie attire while doing their own troublesome activities, so the principal has stepped up his counterattack strategy by telling the students to report their delinquent classmates in exchange for some merit points. For Eun-ho’s case, if she catches the culprit, her 39 demerit points will be waived and the principal will even write a college recommendation letter for her. That sounds a good deal but catching the culprit is no easy task, let alone finding out his real identity.

Now to the mystery, we’re again left guessing if X is equal to T or D, where T stands for Tae-woon and D for Dae-hwi. Yet thanks to writer-nim for letting us know that T and D actually get along in the past and they have this another friend named Im Joong-gi who died in a road accident. I didn’t expect this development but now I know it’s the reason behind the growing conflict between the two. Something has happened in the accident that caused their friendship to go sour and it seems like both T and D are blaming each other. In the last scene wherein they are fighting, T tells D: “It’ll be fun if the kids find out what you’ve done.” I wasn’t thinking of T implying that D is the real culprit in the hoodie. I think T’s statement refers to something in the past. In response, D called T a murderer and I think that is also related to the accident that night. And here’s one thing that I’ve come up with after learning all those things: X’s motive behind his actions is related to that one accident involving Tae-woon, Dae-hwi, and Joong-gi. And here’s one more…Eun-ho.

Our heroine has been avoiding to ride a bus since that very accident one year ago. I am concluding that it’s the same accident because, on the day of the first anniversary of that event, she went to the probable site of the accident and left a bouquet of flowers. She must have been riding the bus when the accident happened, otherwise why would she avoid taking a bus as if she went through some kind of a traumatic experience? This episode did not explicitly show that she’s not taking the bus because she’s afraid of doing so. Hence there is this possibility of her not taking the bus because she does not want to. Either way, taking a bus would remind Eun-ho of a terrible event that happened a year ago, so she’s avoiding it at all cost.

So now, after discovering about T and D’s friendship in the past, is it safe to say that at least one of them is really the hoodie guy? I said before that it’s really hard to say ‘yes’ when we know little more about the two. But now that the pace picks up significantly in this episode and we’re shown a photo of Tae-woon, Dae-hwi, and Joong-gi in X’s hideout, the answer could really be a big YES. That accident one year ago, which involves our main trio of high schoolers, may have been the justification for X to wreck havoc with the school.

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