School 2017 Review: Episode 2

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This show is getting more interesting, ha. I was not expecting that drone coming in that scene in the gym although I admit that was a clever way to convince the school that Ra Eun-ho is wrongly accused of a crime. I also find the hoodie guy mystery intriguing, particularly now that the show is hinting at the possibility of Song Dae-whi or Hyun Tae-woon being the culprit.

Episode Summary

Ra Eun-ho is caught red-handed by the school admin in the crime scene and becomes the culprit of the mysterious incidents occurring in the school. She is now in danger of being expelled from the school based on circumstantial evidence pointing to her. Insisting that she is not the culprit, she tries to find the real one based on what she knows about him but to no avail. Her mother finds out about her problem and goes to school to beg for her but she says she would rather drop out of school than beg to be forgiven for a crime she has nothing to do with. When she is about to drop out, the culprit sends a drone bearing the letter X, implying that the school admin got the wrong person.

I want to talk about three things for this episode, the first one being the problematic educational system in Geumdo High School. This show highlights the problems facing the modern-day high schoolers in Korea. If the first episode presented how the students are being discriminated according to their grades, the second episode gives emphasis on the injustice being tolerated by the school administration. Injustice in itself is already hard to deal with, so when it exists in the first place as a result of discrimination, it’s nearly impossible to escape death. Such is the scenario in Ra Eun-ho’s case. She is accused of committing those crimes just because she is caught in the crime scene and the school principal is believing that she could be truly the culprit based on that circumstantial evidence alone. The is no even proper process being followed to investigate the case thoroughly, yet the stupid higher-ups are just uttering to expel a delinquent like her, saying that “students with bad grades are usually delinquents” anyway. Ra Eun-ho becomes a more suitable crime suspect due to her poor grades. A pretty flawless logic I see, stemming from the lack of fairness and an overdose of grades-based discrimination.

Next thing, we get to know more about police officer Han and teacher Shim, so it’s time to look into their characters. I did not like how the show handled that piece of evidence—the culprit’s blood—that remains in the crime scene. Is police office Han Soo-ji just a joke? She could have reported it to the admin and looked for students with an injury but she is busy beating some female delinquents somewhere. Ra Eun-ho did not get injured that night, so it could help her in proving her innocence. In the end, she ends up having no choice but to drop out from her stupid school; it’s better to leave voluntarily than be expelled because of a crime she did not commit.

Meanwhile, we learn in this episode that Mr. Shim Kang-myung is a good teacher who genuinely cares about her students. He believes that Eun-ho is innocent and wants to help her. But since he is just a powerless teacher in front of the great principal of Geumdo, he really can’t be of much help for her. Still, it’s a great relief that there is one from the faculty who truly believes that she is innocent, isn’t it?

Finally, this mysterious hoodie guy has gotten me more interested in the show. When I noticed that Dae-whi is wearing the same shoes as the culprit, I really thought I already figured out the whole mess, especially that he also said this regarding Ra Eun-ho’s involvement in the case: “You never know by looking only on the outside.” The angle of that scene (Eun-ho and her friend checking their classmates’ lips to find a match of the suspect) did not focus on the shoes used by Dae-whi but I really saw it and realize it’s the same as the one used by the hoodie guy, so I got excited and planned to zoom in on that particular scene just to prove my theory. And then follows this basketball scene showing that Tae-woon is also wearing the same shoes. My excitement vanished into thin air.

So it seems like one of the two is really the culprit, although I am also thinking that just because they have the same shoes as the suspect it does not suffice to say that either of them can really be suspected. There could be other students who also wear those shoes, who knows. The ending scene, however, wants us to entertain the idea of at least one of the two guys being involved in the case. Eun-ho gets a note saying that neither Dae-whi nor Tae-woon is present in the hall when that epic Eunho-is-not-the-culprit-drone-scene occurred. That scene also left us with another question: Who gave her the note?

To be honest, based on the guy’s appearance and lips (lol) I somewhat believed for a while that Dae-whi is the culprit. But then, I could not figure out a motive for him to do such a thing, nor could I find one for Tae-woon to involve himself in that. However, if one of them is certainly the culprit, my gut feeling is telling me to investigate Dae-whi. 

How about you? Do you think Dae-whi or Tae-woon is the mysterious hoodie guy?

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