SBS’s “While You Were Sleeping” sets to air by late-September

SBS’ fantasy legal drama While You Were Sleeping announced its premiere date to be this September as the filming is estimated to be complete by the end of June. The pre-produced drama is set to air during the Wednesday-Thursday time slot following Reunited Worlds which will air after the currently airing legal drama Suspicious Partner. Considering that both dramas preceding While You Were Sleeping are 20 episodes long, the drama will probably premiere late-September.

After working together in the drama projects I Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio, writer Park Hye-ryun and actor Lee Jong-suk (W—Two Worlds) reunites again in another possibly hit series. Park Hye-run and the female lead actress Bae Suzy (Uncontrollably Fond) have also worked together before with the 2011 popular drama Dream High. While You Were Sleeping centers on the story of a woman (Bae Suzy) who has the ability to foresee unfortunate events through dreams, helping a newbie prosecutor (Lee Jong-suk) in preventing such adverse events to take place.

While You Were Sleeping star Le Jong-suk
Photo Credit: TV Daily

Lee Jong-suk will portray as Jung Jae-chan, a cold-hearted prosecutor who avoids interacting with people. Coming from the bottom back in his high school days, he rises to be a prosecutor in order to please his father. Meanwhile, Bae Suzy will play the role of Nam Hong-joo, an unemployed woman who always stays at home. Her current disposition is rooted from her fear of her nightmares coming into life. Nam Hong-joo’s dreams, even as a child, actually happen in real life so she decides to just ignore them since she cannot keep them from happening anyway. As these two characters meet, she will go out of her shell and grab Jung Jae-chan’s hand to fend off misfortune and disaster.

While You Were Sleeping star Bae Suzy
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While You Were Sleeping will have 16 episodes and will air on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 Korean Standard Time (KST).

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