SBS’s ‘The Penthouse’ exposes wretched side of rich woman’s world in first teaser

Upcoming SBS series The Penthouse, starring Lee Ji-ah, Kim So-yeon, and Eugene, is fueling the viewers’ anticipation with an intriguing first teaser of a cutthroat world.

The Penthouse tells the story of three ambitious women whose common greed for success changes them in unimaginable ways. The first one is Sim Soo-ryeon (Lee Ji-ah, The Ghost Detective), also known as the “Penthouse Queen.” Born into a wealthy family, Soo-ryeon is naturally elegant and classy. Her life could have been perfect, if not for a secret that has been constantly haunting her. The second is Cheon Seo-jin (Kim So-yeon, Mother of Mine), a rich and arrogant prima donna who harbors an insatiable desire for wealth and power. The last one is Oh Yoon-hee (Eugene, All About My Mom), a woman who came from humble beginnings and had to spend her life without freedom. Now a mother, she is determined to rise through the ranks of societal class and ensure that her daughter gets to take a path different than hers.

The first preview for the series opens to Sim Soo-ryeon’s luxurious life, as the voice in the background states, “It’s a world where the house one lives in is their personality and level of power.” She is a penthouse occupant in Hera Palace, a first-class hotel situated at the high-end district of Gangnam. As the voice continues to say, “The Hera Palace isn’t just for anyone,” an elegant-looking Cheon Seo-jin walks into the frame along with her equally lavish companions.

However, as another person’s voice takes over the background and utters in an emotional tone, “The world only listens to the powerful. Money is talent, having connections is talent,” Oh Yoon-hee is shown keeping her devastated daughter from crashing another young lady’s presentation. The scene then shifts to reveal Seo-jin as she triumphantly holds a trophy in her hands. It can be inferred from the turn of events that the young lady is Seo-jin’s daughter, who likely stole from Yoon-hee’s daughter the chance to perform onstage. As a possible result, Yoon-hee sneaks into Seo-jin’s house to search for the trophy. While she ferociously smashes the golden metal to the picture frames in front of her, a menacing voice creeps in and declares, “A mother will do anything for their children,” followed by a promise, “Even if it means selling half of my heart, I’ll make sure you live here.”

Unveiling a sneak peek at the intense confrontation between the two mothers, the promo video ends as Seo-jin whispers ominously to Yoon-hee’s ears, “You’re a strong one.”

The production crew behind the series remarked, “In the first teaser video, we tried to reveal the appearance of Hera Palace, an ultra-luxurious high-rise apartment where everyone wants to move in, as well as the relationship between Cheon Seo-jin and Oh Yoon-hee. Please look forward to The Penthouse, an unprecedented and addictive suspenseful drama.”

The Penthouse is helmed by director Joo Dong-min of Return (2018) and penned by screenwriter Kim Sun-ok of Band of Sisters (2017), who previously worked together in the series The Last Empress (2018–2019). It is scheduled to premiere on October 26 at 10 p.m. KST as a Monday-Tuesday drama, replacing Do You Like Brahms?

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