SBS’s sci-fi drama ‘Alice’ unveils transformation of leads Kim Hee-sun, Joo Won in new posters, teaser

After sharing on July 29 the stills from its first table read, SBS’s Alice dropped more promotional visuals of Kim Hee-sun and Joo Won’s character transformation in the upcoming human sci-fi drama.

Alice tells the extraordinary tale of two people who were separated by death but are able to meet again by breaking the boundaries of space and time. Park Jin-gyum (Joo Won, My Sassy Girl), a detective who does not have the ability to show emotions, discovers the existence of time travelers from the future who come to the present through a device called “Alice.” In the course of finding out more about the phenomenon, Jin-gyum has a fateful reunion with Yoon Tae-yi (Kim Hee-sun, Room No. 9), a woman who looks exactly like his loved one who passed away a long time ago. Soon, the two of them set out on a quest to unravel the secrets behind time traveling.

The freshly released posters are both set against a background of stars scattered across a dark sky that is accentuated with a portion of a gigantic moon right behind. The faint moonlight subtly illuminates the two protagonists, just enough to unveil their mysterious and melancholic facial expressions. The caption on Jin-gyum’s poster reads, “I’ll protect you, no matter what world you are in,” which raises curiosity on who he is referring to in the statement.

Alice - Joo Won as Park Jin-gyum
Joo Won as Park Jin-gyum

Similarly, the text on Tae-yi’s poster is also a message for someone that says, “If it’s for you, I can do anything,” hinting an underlying secret behind who she really is.

Alice - Kim Hee-sun as Yoon Tae-yi
Kim Hee-sun as Yoon Tae-yi

A combined version of both posters reveals that the two characters are set against the same sky, with the moon at their center.


Meanwhile, the 30-second emotional teaser opens with Jin-gyum saying, “All I’ve ever wanted is only one thing, to catch the criminal who killed my mother.” Then, flashback scenes of his student days take the frame but end tragically with him helplessly kneeling on the floor, holding his dying mother in his arms as he wails out, “Mom!”

Now a detective, Jin-gyum has become a fearless fighter who has his claws locked on outlaws who only disrupt the peace and order in his world. While pointing a gun to someone’s head, he declares, “I will kill you with my own hands, no matter what.” A sentence that reads “The time of destiny is near.” then flashes. Jin-gyum continues to say, “I don’t know where you all came from, but I will put an end to you myself, using my own hands.”

Following a series of scenes packed with smashes, fights, and gunshots, the promo video ends with Park Jin-gyum vowing to someone, “I’m going to protect you.”

Alice is helmed by director Baek Soo-chan of Into the World Again (2017). It is scheduled to premiere on August 28 and air every Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m. KST, replacing Backstreet Rookie.

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