SBS’s ‘Penthouse’ gears up for second season

While it has yet to reach its halfway mark, SBS’s hit drama Penthouse has already gotten the green light for a new season.

According to the statement released by the network on November 18, the production crew of Penthouse is scheduled to start filming for season two in early December. While they have yet to decide on the fixed dates, the staff aims to broadcast during the first half of 2021.

Discussions for a seasonal broadcast for Penthouse were reported as early as January 2020, but it was not until recently that a confirmation from the production was announced. The decision to create another season was also reportedly due to the success of the aired episodes by far. While it has faced criticisms due to its themes of infidelity and school violence, to date, Penthouse is currently in the top spot in terms of viewership ratings, with the 7th and most recent episode peaking at 14.5 percent, besting the other currently airing Monday-Tuesday dramas.

Despite its popularity, the series will conclude with 20 episodes as planned. Once the filming for the first season culminates on November 24, at the latest, the production will begin preparing for Penthouse 2. However, the crew has also decided to keep any related information and schedule about season two a secret, just until before they can actually begin shooting. In addition, to avoid spoilers, all the cast and staff who are working on the current season have been given “gag orders.” This is to avoid tainting the narrative reversals that are considered the core of the drama.

An official from the broadcaster said, “The [Penthouse] team has ordered not to disclose even the [production details] of the drama’s next season. In fact, some of the actors do not know whether or not they will appear in season two. This is because any information [about the next season] can become a ‘spoiler.’”

A representative from the agency of one of Penthouse’s actors also shared some sentiments. “It’s frustrating, but I understand that [the crew] can’t easily discuss any matter related [to the new production] due to the nature of the drama.”

Penthouse tells the stories of three women from different walks of life who tap into their inner evil and give in to their human desires in order to protect themselves and their children, all while pursuing a dangerous path to success. It stars Lee Ji-ah (The Ghost Detective), Kim So-yeon (Mother of Mine), and Eugene (All About My Mom) in the main roles.

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