SBS’s new drama ‘Fly from Rags to Riches’ reveals main cast lineup

Upcoming SBS legal series Fly from Rags to Riches has finally unveiled its power cast comprised of actors Kwon Sang-woo, Bae Sung-woo, Kim Ju-hyeon, Jung Woong-in, Kim Gab-soo, Kim Eung-soo, and Jo Sung-ha.

Fly from Rags to Riches tells the story of two men who have partnered up in defending falsely accused judicial offenders.

Kwon Sang-woo (Queen of Mystery 2) will suit up as Park Tae-yong, a public attorney who has dedicated his knowledge to seeking justice for legally scrutinized, helpless people. Unlike most lawyers, he did not take the typical route to his career. After high school, he bypassed university education but still later succeeded in the bar exams. Having experienced many life struggles as a son of an undertaker, the island boy grew up to become the first attorney to ever win a general criminal retrial case.

Teaming up with Kwon is Bae Sung-woo (Live) who signed up to play the reporter Park Sam-soo. After he graduated from the university, he worked as a non-regular employee but later on became a journalist, putting his excellent writing skills to use. Due to his soft heart and kind nature, though, he prefers to cover stories that are deemed less interesting by his colleagues. He soon meets Park Tae-yong and joins forces with him in upholding justice for those who most need it.

Meanwhile, Kim Ju-hyeon will transform into Lee Yoo-kyung, a passionate new reporter who works for Park Sam-soo. She finds out about what Sam-soo and Tae-yong are doing and decides to join in. Kim is known for her roles in the TV series Modern Farmer (2014), Band of Sisters (2017), and The Rich Son (2018).

Jung Woong-in-Kim Gab-soo-Kim Eung-soo-Jo Sung-ha
Jung Woong-in, Kim Gab-soo, Kim Eung-soo, and Jo Sung-ha

Completing the roll of major cast members are: Jung Woong-in (Woman of 9.9 Billion) as Jang Yoon-seok, a cunning and ambitious first-class prosecutor; Kim Gab-soo (Hospital Playlist) as Kim Hyeong-chun, a high-ranking legislative official and former prosecutor general of South Korea; Kim Eung-soo (Kkondae Intern) as Kang Cheol-woo, a politically conceited mayor who grew up in the slums; and Jo Sung-ha (Memorist) as Jo Ki-soo, a supreme court judge who is admired and respected in his field.

Expectations have been soaring high for the series following the confirmed medley of reputed actors. In addition, the production team shared, “The characters are as extraordinary as the story. Please look forward to the seamless synergy that will be displayed by the actors.”

Fly from Rags to Riches will be helmed by Kwak Jung-hwan, director of the two-season series Chief of Staff (2019), and penned by screenwriter Park Sang-kyu. It is scheduled to premiere in the second half of 2020 as a Friday-Saturday drama, replacing Alice.

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