SBS releases ‘While You Were Sleeping’ official trailer

SBS released on September 6 the official trailer of its much-anticipated new drama While You Were Sleeping starring Lee Jong-suk (W-Two Worlds) and Bae Suzy (Uncontrollably Fond). The upcoming supernatural series is a completely pre-produced fantasy-legal drama about a woman who can predict the death of other people through her dreams and a prosecutor who somehow helps her in preventing her premonitions from becoming real.

The 62-second trailer starts with Nam Hong-joo’s (Suzy) voiceover saying “I saw you in a dream, listen to me if you wanna live.” This is followed by her own contrasting question asking “who will believe such a nonsense?” and a statement that “You can’t change the future” as she walks towards Jung Jae-chan (Lee Jong-suk) and hugs him. Then enters his voice, saying that no one will believe the future he has changed while still hugging her and looking seriously at a certain direction. She then wakes up from sleeping after which a man asks her if her dreams have ever been wrong and if she has ever changed the future. She answers no while a scene of her falling from the bridge and Jae-chan trying to save her flashes on the screen.

The trailer continues with Jung Jae-chan declaring that he is a prosecutor, so he investigates the case after it happens, not prevent it. He raises his voice to Hong-joo, telling her that there is nothing he can do even if she tells him her dreams and adding that he does not care about the victims in her premonitions nor does he have to handle their death. She replies that “You’re the only one…” but this is cut as she wakes up injured in a car accident. He then asks what will happen if she sees the future in her dreams as they hug each other, to which she replies that she believes time will flow in a different direction as an underwater scene and a rolling ball plays on the screen. “Which direction?” he asks again, “The better way or worse?” The trailer finally ends with a kissing scene.

While You Were Sleeping will air every Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning September 27. It was written by I Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio writer Park Hye-ryun and directed by Doctors and My Love From The Stars PD Oh Choong-hwan.


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