SBS rejects plagiarism claim from Japanese drama

TV network SBS has responded to reports of plagiarism from drama production company DK E&M which produced the 1999 Japanese series Beautiful Person. The company has allegedly found plagiarized content in SBS’s weekend series Let Me Introduce Her and said that they would take legal action.

Let Me Introduce Her Poster 1

In a response released on September 29, SBS said, “‘Let Me Introduce Her’ is about a woman who just wants to live happily with her daughter after her chaebol husband abuses her. She undergoes plastic surgery to find the phone that contains evidence of her husband’s abuse but ends up losing her memory. This is all screenwriter Park Un-hee’s creation. This was made clear from the drama’s first episode.”

SBS also said in its statement that the plagiarism claim is completely baseless and that only the themes of plastic surgery and romance are similar for both series, adding that the production staff intends to respond to the claim through legal means.

Let Me Introduce Her airs every Saturday at 20:55 Korean Standard Time.

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