SBS has announced a new Monday-Tuesday drama called Doubtful Victory and is courting Yoon Kyung-sang and Jung Hye-seong to play the lead roles. The respective agencies of the actors confirmed the offer and said that they are positively reviewing their casting in the drama.

Doubtful Victory tells the story of a fake detective named Oh Il-Seung who is defeating “monsters” and gaining his true life in the process. Yoon Kyun-sang has been offered to play the fake detective while Jung Hye-seong has been given the role of another detective named Jin Jin-young.

Yoon Kyun-sang in his role as Joseon’s ‘Robin Hood’ in MBC’s Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People.

If Yoon Kyun-sang accepts the role, Doubtful Victory will become his second drama this year following Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People wherein he played the titular character, a man with a lowly status who steals from the rich and gives to the poor during the Joseon period. Popeye Entertainment, the actor’s agency, said that there are other proposals available for the actor to grab, among them is KBS2’s workplace drama Jugglers which also wants him to headline as a stoic office boss who doesn’t care about the people around him. It seems like he needs to make his final decision very soon because Doubtful Victory and Jugglers are both Monday-Tuesday dramas that will compete with each other in December, which calls for the pre-production works and the start of filming this month or by the first week of November.

Jung Hye-seong as seen in KBS2’s Manhole in which she played the best friend of the main female character.

Meanwhile, if Jung Hye-seong confirms here casting in the drama, it will become her first series in which she is playing the heroine. She had done a number of supporting roles in the past, the most recent of which are KBS2’s low-rated drama Manhole: Feel So Good and the hit Chief Kim.

Doubtful Victory will be helmed by PD Shin Kyung-Soo of the award-winning sageuks Six Flying Dragons and Tree With Deep Roots and will be penned by writer Lee Hyun-joo of Pride and Prejudice and School 2013. It will premiere at the end of November following Temperature of Love.

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