SBS to air 4 episodes of ‘Temperature of Love’ on November 21

Major broadcaster SBS announced today that it will air the remaining four episodes of its Monday-Tuesday drama, Temperature of Love, on November 21. The move by the network will result in the final broadcast of the 40-episode series tomorrow.

According to the announced schedule, episodes 37 to 40 of Temperature of Love will be broadcast continuously from 10 pm to 12:20 midnight tomorrow. This time allotment includes the intermediate advertisement that will air in between episodes 37 and 38 and episodes 39 and 40. For tonight, the series will follow its regular schedule of airing two 30 to 35-minute episodes from 10 pm.

Temperature of Love premiered on September 18 and had some changes in its broadcasting when it put off airing its 19th and 20th episode on October 17 until the following week due to a KBO (Korea Baseball Organization) League playoff. Despite this, the drama will still air its finale tomorrow as originally planned due to the recent announcement by SBS.

Temperature of Love is a romantic comedy starring Seo Hyun-jin and Yang Se-jong as a screenwriter and a chef, respectively, who end up matching each other after coming to the same “temperature of love.” It is based on a novel titled Nice Soup Does Not Answer The Phone written by the series’ writer herself, Ha Myung-hee.

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