Saimdang, Light’s Diary

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Saimdang, Light’s Diary tells the story of Shin Saimdang, a renowned Joseon artist who excelled in painting, poetry, and calligraphy. A Korean art history lecturer discovers her ancient diary and unravels her extraordinary life.

General Information

  • Status: ONGOING
  • Drama Title: Saimdang, Light’s Diary
  • Other Titles: N/A
  • Genre: Historical, Fantasy
  • Director: Yoon Sang-ho
  • Writer: Park Eun-ryung
  • No. of Episodes: 30
  • Broadcast Period: Jan 26 – May 4, 2017
  • Time Slot: 22:00 Korean Standard Time, Wed & Thu
  • Runtime: 60 minutes
  • TV Network: SBS (free-to-air)
  • Production Company(s): Emperor Entertainment Korea Ltd.
  • Preceded by: Legend of the Blue Sea
  • Followed by: Beware This Woman  (for confirmation)

Main Cast & Characters

main cast of Korean drama Saimdang

Lee Young-ae as Shin Saimdang. Shin Saimdang is a famous Joseon artist who excels in painting, poetry and calligraphy.

Lee Young-ae as Seo Ji-yoon. Seo Ji-yoon is a Korean art historian in college who discovers the ancient diary of Shin Saimdang.

Song Seung-heon as Lee Gyum, Saimdang’s lover

Oh Yoon-ah as Whieumdang Choi

Choi Chul-ho as Min Chi-hyung, husband of Whieumdang Choi


Official Posters

Original Soundtrack

  • OST Part 1
    • No. 1: Back in the Day by Hyemi (Fiestar)
    • No. 2: Back in the Day (instrumental)
  • OST Part 2
    • No. 1: Kite by Kim Yoon-ah (Jaurim)
    • No. 2: Kite (instrumental)
  • OST Part 3
    • No. 1: Close to You by The One
    • No. 2: Close To You (instrumental)
  • OST Part 4
    • No. 1: Whenever, Wherever by LYn
    • No. 2: Whenever, Wherever (instrumental)
  • OST Part 5
    • No. 1: Why by Zia
    • No. 2: Why (instrumental)
  • OST Part 6
    • No. 1: Everlasting Love by Lee Soo (MC The Max)
    • No. 2: Everlasting Love (instrumental)
  • OST Part 7
    • No. 1: Amnesia by Kim Bum-soo
    • No. 2: Amnesia (instrumental)


  • All images and most information in this page were obtained from SBS.
  • Ratings data from Nielsen Korea were obtained directly from the company’s website.