‘Run On’ character posters unveil how Im Si-wan’s smile stopped Shin Se-kyung in her tracks

With now only less than a month before its premiere, JTBC’s new drama Run On has finally dropped the new character posters of lead stars Im Si-wan and Shin Se-kyung to excite anticipating viewers even more.

Run On follows the romantic story between Gi Sun-gyeom (Im Si-wan, Strangers from Hell), an aspiring professional sprinter who ended up on the sidelines as a sports agent due to an unfortunate incident in the past, and Oh Mi-joo (Shin Se-kyung, Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung), a cheerful writer of movie subtitle translations.

In his poster, Gi Sun-gyeom appears to have just come off from one of his regular morning runs. Traced across his sweaty yet still unbelievably attractive face is a smile that shines as bright as the sunny day. His head is slightly tilted to the side, as if someone has pleasantly caught his attention.

Im Si-wan and Shin Se-kyung in Run On

Based on the similar background of the posters, that someone is highly likely Oh Mi-joo. In her shot, Mi-joo’s long, wavy locks give her an extra youthful vibe, on top of a face that looks fresh and radiant. As seen by how her mouth opened, as if in faint surprise, the sight of Sun-gyeom has surely brought her ordinary stroll to a full stop. Both their eyes foretell, however, that nothing about the days they would soon spend together will feel ordinary.

Run On is helmed by Lee Jae-hoon, director of The Ghost Detective (2018), and penned by screenwriter Park Shi-hyun. It is slated to premiere on December 16 at 9:30 p.m. KST and air as a Wednesday-Thursday drama, replacing Private Lives.

Check out the drama’s teasers here and here.

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