Royal Secret Agent Episode 9: Kim Myung-soo, Lee Yi-kyung dress up as courtesans

Royal Secret Agent‘s ninth episode recorded 5.8 percent and 9.7 percent ratings. The investigation for the mysterious deaths of several women continues as our undercover team from Joseon goes deeper into the enemy’s lair. Will Sung Yi-gyum (Kim Myung-soo), Hong Da-in (Kwon Na-ra), and Park Chun-sam (Lee Yi-kyung) be able to endure until the end of their mission and reach Governor Kim Myeong-se?

The masked man unmasked

Royal Secret Agent Episode 9 Kang Yoon

Yi-gyum, Da-in, and Chun-sam go back into Gwi-seon’s (Hwang Ji-yeon) house, the latest victim, to investigate. There, they find a suspicious masked man searching the herb gatherer’s house and bring him to the sheriff’s house for interrogation. The masked man turns out to be Kim Dae-gwang (Kang Yoon, Missing: The Other Side), who comes from one of the three wealthiest families in that town. Using his father’s influence and power, he escapes Yi-gyum’s interrogation.

Sung Yi-gyum guards a sleeping Hong Da-in

Royal Secret Agent Episode 9 Kwon Na-ra

Dae-gwang plots his revenge towards Yi-gyum. One of his friends has taken an interest towards Da-in and attempts to abduct her that night. However, Chun-sam wakes up in the middle of the night, alarming the assailant who immediately flees. Da-in, who felt the attacker’s presence, blindly lunges outside her room. Feeling Da-in’s distress, Yi-gyum decides to stand guard outside her door all night.

The enemy strikes a move on Jang Tae-sung

Royal Secret Agent Episode 9 Son Byung-ho

Back in Hanyang, Chief State Councilor Kim Byeong-geun (Son Byung-ho) orders Seo Yong (Park Joo-hyung) to investigate Chief Royal Secretary Jang Tae-seung’s (Ahn Nae-sang) house secretly. There, he finds an important item belonging to the late Prince Hwiyeong. He reports back to Byeong-geun.

Kim Dae-gwang frames Park Chun-sam

Royal Secret Agent Episode 9 Lee Yi-kyung

Yi-gyum and Da-in discover that Gwi-seon has been making opium poppies, a party drug, for the noblemen. The drugs are what Dae-gwang was searching for at her house. Meanwhile, Chun-sam follows Dae-gwang to report back to Yi-gyum any suspicious activity. He learns of a secret banquet to be held soon, where attendees will have to wear goblin masks. Before he could report back to Yi-gyum, he gets caught by Dae-gwang, who beats him up and frames him as a thief so he can corner Yi-gyum. He threatens Dae-gwang about the opium poppies, and Dae-gwang is forced to let go of Chun-sam.

Kang Soon-ae gets abducted

Royal Secret Agent Episode 9 Jo Soo-min

In the middle of traveling, Sung Yi-beom (Lee Tae-hwan), Kang Soon-ae (Jo Soo-min), and Man Deok (Jong Ho) stop by the dead herb gatherer’s house to rest because of Soon-ae’s injuries. Yi-beom goes to town to buy food and medicine, leaving Man Deok to protect Soon-ae. However, Yi-beom comes home to a beaten and tied Man Deok, who tells him that Soon-ae has been abducted by the “richest man in town.” Yi-beom goes back to town to search for Soon-ae.

Sung Yi-gyum, Park Chun-sam, Hong Da-in disguise as courtesans

Royal Secret Agent Episode 9 Kim Myung-soo and Lee Yi-kyung

Da-in helps Yi-gyum and Chun-sam dress up as courtesans so they can invade the secret banquet, where they find masked noblemen partying themselves to oblivion using the opium poppies. In the middle of the party, a tied Soon-ae is being auctioned off. Yi-gyum stares in horror.


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