Royal Secret Agent Episode 7: Lee Tae-hwan is Joseon’s Robin Hood

With a recorded 6.0% and 8.7%, the Royal Secret Agent continues to see a steady rise with its episode ratings, with the seventh episode’s record its highest one yet. Sung Yi-gyum (Kim Myung-soo) is finally reunited with his younger stepbrother Sung Yi-beom (Lee Tae-hwan), who is also the leader of the bandits, a group of vigilantes who steals from the wicked and corrupt noblemen to give back to the poor.

Sung Yi-gyum confronts Sung Yi-beom

Royal Secret Agent Episode 7 Lee Tae-hwan

As Yi-gyum reunites with his brother, he confronts Yi-beom about his actions and tells him that robbery cannot change the world, but Yi-beom stands by his decisions. Yi-gyum then asks him about Kang Soon-ae (Jo Soo-min), and Yi-beom lies and tells him that she’s dead. After a small brawl between the two brothers, Yi-beom leaves with his group.

Sung Yi-gyum, Hong Da-in, Park Chun-sam have a bounty on their heads

Royal Secret Agent Episode 7 Yang Hyun-min

The magistrate (Yang Hyun-min) has associated Yi-gyum, Hong Da-in (Kwon Na-ra), and Park Chun-sam (Lee Yi-kyung) with the bandits, Yi-beom’s group. He puts a bounty on each of their heads and orders a search party to kill them.

The King orders a secret investigation on Sung Yi-gyum

Royal Secret Agent Episode 7 Hwang Dong-joo

Back in Hanyang, Kim Byeong-geun (Son Byung-ho), the Chief State Councilor, puts a spy on Yi-gyum’s group. He then goes to the King to report that Yi-gyum is practicing hedonism and has gone back to his old habits of gambling. This is both true and false, of course, as Yi-gyum is investigating the gambling house. However, Byeong-geun has twisted his words to frame Yi-gyum and urges the King (Hwang Dong-joo) to punish Yi-gyum. Skeptical, the King secretly orders the Royal Guard Choi Do-kwan (Shin Ji-hoon) to investigate Yi-gyum’s activities in Chungju.

Sung Yi-gyum investigates the massacre

Royal Secret Agent Episode 7 Kwon Na-ra, Kim Myung-soo, and Lee Yi-kyung

Yi-gyum has learned from Yi-beom that his group did not kill the entire household of Lee Cheol-yong (Song Yo-seb, Missing: The Other Side, The Good Detective), the owner of the gambling house, and that they have already been massacred before the bandits arrived. The three then go to the slain ord’s house to investigate, where they find Lee Ae-ran (Jang Ha-eun, Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation), Cheol-yong’s daughter to a concubine, alive and in hiding. She does not know the assailants that night, but she tells Da-in that a cart full of coins arrives at the Cheol-yong’s house every month and that he keeps a record in his ledger hidden in the gambling house. Da-in and Chun-sam invade the gambling house to find the ledger, while Yi-gyum goes to apprehend the scheduled cart of coins.

Sung Yi-gyum sees Kang Soon-ae at last

Royal Secret Agent Episode 7 Jo Soo-min

Threatened by Yi-gyum finding out his corrupt ways, Byeong-geun orders Seo Yong (Park Joo-hyung) to assassinate Yi-gyum. Back in Chungju, Yi-beom has ordered the disbandment of the bandits and prepares to leave. He finds out that Soon-ae has gone to town to look for Yi-gyum and immediately runs after her. When Soon-ae finally reunites with an emotional Yi-gyum, they are apprehended by Seo Yong’s group. 


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