Royal Secret Agent Episode 6: Kim Myung-soo reunites with long-lost brother and ex-lover

Things are looking pretty exciting for the next episode of Royal Secret Agent. With episode 6, the drama’s viewership ratings rose to 4.9% and 6.5%—their highest recorded one yet—from the previous episode’s 5.7% and 5%. As Sung Yi-gyum (Kim Myung-soo) rejects the Chief State Councilor Kim Byeong-geun’s (Son Byung-ho) marriage proposal, he officially becomes the councilor’s enemy. As he sails off to new adventures, more shocking revelations await him at his next destination.

Hong Da-in blackmails Sung Yi-gyum

Royal Secret Agent Episode 6 Kwon Na-ra

Hong Da-in (Kwon Na-ra) has her own personal agenda for tagging along to Yi-gyum’s mission, but Yi-gyum refuses to bring her along. Later on, she learns of Yi-gyum’s secret—that his younger stepbrother is the leader of a group of bandits—and uses it to blackmail Yi-gyum. Left with no choice, he finally agrees to take Da-in with him.

Sung Yi-gyum embarks on a new mission

Royal Secret Agent Episode 6 Kwon Na-ra, Kim Myung-woo, and Lee Yi-kyung

Together with Park Chun-sam (Lee Yi-kyung) and Da-in, Yi-gyum sets off to the town of Chungju to begin his investigation and track down his younger brother Sung Yi-beom (Lee Tae-hwan) and his gang. On their first night in the town, their money gets stolen. While pursuing the thief, the three come across a nobleman’s home that has been attacked by the bandits earlier that night and find everybody dead. In the morning, the sheriff (Yang Hyun-min, The Good Detective) himself goes to the crime scene to personally investigate. Da-in recognizes him as the former Department of Justice secretary whom she has reported for corruption in the past.

Sung Yi-gyum is forced into a death match

Royal Secret Agent Episode 6 Kim Myung-soo and Kwon Na-ra

While Yi-gyum and Da-in invade a certain gambling house, they bump into the sheriff, who immediately recognizes Da-in and tries to kill her. To save Da-in, Yi-gyum is forced into a deathmatch with the sheriff, putting his and Da-in’s lives on the line. Despite Yi-gyum’s bad luck in gambling, he still tries to cheat his way to win the match. While they escape, a woman who looks like his ex-lover Kang Soon-ae (Jo Soo-min) catches his eye. While running after her, Yi-gyum is intercepted by the sheriff’s men and is brought to the woods to be killed.

Sung Yi-beom saves Sung Yi-gyum from death

Royal Secret Agent Episode 6 Lee Tae-hwan

Yi-gyum, Da-in, and Chun-sam are all brought to the woods by the Sheriff’s order. Yi-gyum makes one last attempt to fight back, but the Sheriff goes straight for Da-in and tries to kill her himself. Before he could strike his sword at Da-in, they are ambushed by the bandits, and the sheriff and his men are forced to step back and flee. Yi-beom then reveals himself and faces his brother Yi-gyum, whom he has not seen for a long time.


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