Royal Secret Agent Episode 5: Kim Myung-soo returns home a hero

As the series progressed to the fifth episode, the program once again saw a dip in the ratings, recording 5.7 percent and a flat 5 percent viewership ratings compared to last episode’s 5.2 percent and 6.1 percent. Last week’s episodes left a cliffhanger for the viewers, with Sung Yi-gyum’s (Kim Myung-soo) life on the line. Just before Kang Jong-gil (Han Jae-suk) could swing his sword, Park Chun-sam (Lee Yi-kyung) arrives and saves Yi-gyum and Hong Da-in (Kwon Na-ra). Jong-gil flees and Yi gyum pursues him. After a close fight between the two, Yi-gyum emerges victorious. 

Mission accomplished

After capturing the sheriff (Choi Jong-won) and his lackeys, Yi-gyum, Da-in, and Chun-sam return home to Hanyang as heroes, where the King (Hwang Dong-joo) welcomes them with open arms. Yi-gyum is promoted to Special Advisor, Chun-sam is reinstated in the royal agent’s entourage, the late Park Cheol-gyu (Kim Seung-soo) is honored, and his young son will be given a position in the government when he comes of age for his late father’s service to the King.

More enemies eye Sung Yi-gyum

Royal Secret Agent Episode 5

It seems that Yi-gyum’s victory has gained him new enemies, even catching the attention of Kim Byeong-geun (Son Byung-ho, Hush), the Chief State Councilor, who attempts to lure Yi-gyum to their side by offering his youngest daughter Kim Mi-ok (Ha Young, Love is Annoying, but I Hate Being Lonely) to be Yi-gyum’s bride. Soo Young (Park Joo-hyung, Mystic Pop-Up Bar), the owner of the mining field and the one who killed Cheol-gyu, has also taken an interest in Yi-gyum, after he destroyed Soo Young’s large gold source.

A new love interest is on the way

Royal Secret Agent Episode 5 2

After she was offered to be Yi-gyum’s bride, and Yi-gyum hesitates to accept her, Mi-ok becomes curious about Yi-gyum and takes a liking to him. She decides to visit him and runs into Da-in and Chun-sam in his home. As Da-in and Yi-gyum grow closer after their mission together, Da-in becomes unexpectedly upset upon hearing the marriage proposal. As the two women pass by each other, tension fills the air, as both women eye one man’s heart.

New characters, new challenges

Royal Secret Agent Episode 5 Lee Tae-hwan

Along with the new characters introduced in this episode, Yi-gyum’s brother Sung Yi-beom (Lee Tae-hwan) is hinted to arrive in the next episodes. Although his character has already been introduced in the past week, he is yet to make an official appearance in the series. As Yi-gyum’s younger stepbrother, Yi-beom was born of a slave mother impregnated by Yi-gyum’s father, and as an illegal child, he has always been shunned by society. Even so, Yi-gyum seems fond of his younger brother. One day, he hears rumors that Yi-beom has become a leader of a group of bandits. To track him down, Yi-gyum sets out on a new mission.


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