Royal Secret Agent Episode 2: Lee Yi-kyung accidentally reveals Kim Myung-soo’s identity

The adventure begins for royal secret agent Sung Yi-gyum (Kim Myung-soo), and his entourage Hong Da-in (Kwon Na-ra) and Park Chun-sam (Lee Yi-kyung) as they set out for the town where the slain agent Park Cheol-gyu (Kim Seung-soo) was last reported investigating.

A new villain is in town

Royal Secret Agent Episode 2 Han Jae-suk

As the three arrive in town, they come across the “little sheriff” (Han Jae-suk), the son of the town’s sheriff, whom people fear because of his tyranny and ruthless ways. Just like the sheriff himself, his son and lower officials reign the town in terror, oppressing the people and imposing unreasonable taxes on them. Out of desperation, some people would try to steal food from other officials, and when caught, they become the target of human hunting.

Sung Yi-gyum shows off hunting skills

Royal Secret Agent Episode 2 Kim Myung-soo

In order to get closer to the enemy, Yi-gyum tries to win the favor of the sheriff and his son by offering them the boar that has been wreaking havoc in their woods. He searches for the wild boar, and, using Chun-sam as bait, Yi-gyum flexes his shooting skills and instantly kills the animal in one swift shot. The sheriff is delighted and immediately offers Yi-gyum food and drinks. Meanwhile, the little sheriff is still suspicious of him and keeps his guard up around Yi-gyum. As he spends time in the company of the little sheriff, Yi-gyum witnesses his cruelty to the people.

The royal secret agent is a secret no more

Royal Secret Agent Episode 2 Lee Yi-kyung

Before Yi-gyum goes to the little sheriff to befriend him, he gives the royal medallion, which symbolizes his identity as a royal secret agent, to Chun-sam for safekeeping. While scouting the town, Chun-sam comes across a widower and her two sons being terrorized by an official for not being able to pay the unjust taxes. Overwhelmed with anger, Chun-sam intervenes. By accident, Yi-gyum’s medallion slips through his upper garment and falls to the ground, to everyone’s shock. Chun-sam tries to lie and leaves, but after a moment of hesitation, he goes back and tells them that he is indeed a royal secret agent. Chun-sam then tells the official to leave them alone and never come back, as well as to never tell anyone about Chun-sam’s (fake) identity as an agent. The official then goes straight to the sheriff to report what happened.

Hong Da-in invades the courtesan house

Royal Secret Agent Episode 2 Kwon Na-ra

Park Cheol-gyu mentioned a courtesan named Sa-wol in his reports, and in order to find her, Hong Da-in invades the courtesan house where Sa-wol used to work. There, the other courtesans try to terrorize her, but as a female police officer, Da-in turns the tables and uses them as her informants instead. After finding where Sa-wol lives, Da-in tries to win her heart so she could tell them what happened the night Cheolgyu was killed. As she was about to tell Yi-gyum and Da-in, an unknown assailant shoots an arrow into Sa-wol’s heart.

Throughout the episode, Yi-gyum and Da-in continuously pick on each other, as expected. I was actually worried Kwon Na-ra would not be able to get in character as Hong Da-in, as I have observed in the first episode, but it seems like she is comfortable acting beside Kim Myung-soo, who fits the overbearing character Yi-gyum perfectly. Meanwhile, Lee Yi-kyung does not fall far behind the two and establishes his own presence in the show. Given the espionage-investigative-historical theme of the story, I think might actually enjoy this series after all.


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